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Fox News Channel/Fox News was launched on 7 October 1996, as a satellite broadcasting news channel and basic cable network for America. This channel is owned by Fox Entertainment Group. In recent survey in 2015, around 81.4% of American households obtain their connection from Fox News Channel. The channel programs mainly from New York City in a studio on Sixth Avenue and shares headquarters with Fox Business Network, its sister channel.

Fox News was formed by Rupert Murdoch, a media tycoon, with the support of Roger Ailes and made him, the founding CEO for Fox News. The owner Rupert Murdoch has been the acting CEO for Fox Newsand its current chairman. Critics have blamed Fox News for airing bias news and reporting in favor of Republican Party! However, the channel has denied all the comments of critics.

FNC came up with live stream news segment with other channels in 2008, through their website: The Strategy Room. This appealed to older audiences. It goes on air from Monday to Friday and a discussion carried out informally from 9 to 5. The weekday’s conversation programs consisted of God Talk, Business Hour and News with a View and God Talk.

The year 2009 brought one more launch of Fox creation, The Fox Nation. It was a website created which enabled two way communications, with the reader. FNC has also come up with mobile news for smart phone users, who can easily view news, in video format.

There are total seven studios of FNC in New York City, where the headquarters are located. FNC is now available in all forms of media, starting from News Channel, News Radio, Website News on their own sites and Fox News has their readers following on Twitter and facebook too; there is a mobile app for FNC available in the app store.

 The news aired by FNC had a great impact on its users from the start, as they gave more importance on how the news was to be presented. They had done great work through pictorial demonstration and graphics! This caught attention of viewers. Even if the anchor was not audible, the background had pointers summarizing briefly about the news. They also had come up with News Alert, when important event takes place, regular programming is paused and the breaking news took over.

FNC had long list of anchors who served for great years of their service, few of them are Julie Banderas, Bob Beckel, Shannon Bream, Neil Cavuto, Abby Huntsman, Bill O'Reilly, Martha MacCallum, Arthel Neville, Sean Hannity, Meghan McCain, Clayton Morris, Tucker Carlson and Julie RoginskyFOX News Channel (FNC) being 24-hour news channel which aired breaking news, political news as well as business news. FNC had quite huge number of alternative anchor list too Anna Gilligan, Mike Emanuel, Trace Gallagher, Lauren Green, Lea Gabrielle, Carl Cameron, Jennifer Griffin, Janice Dean , Claudia Cowan , Christine Clayburg being few of them.

The year 2004 registered exceeding ratings for FNC's broadcast Republican National Convention in comparison to other broadcast networks. In October 2012 in third U.S. presidential debate, Fox established record of premier -rated broadcast ever grabbing11.5 million viewers.

In 2013, a poll of Public Policy Polling came to the conclusion with observations of FNC had deteriorated from 2010. The polls results concluded that the number of voters in the polling who said they find FNC as trustworthy came down to 41% from 49%, whereas 46% voters denied their which had risen from 37%. 34 % also were glued with FNC being the "most trusted" news network.

Fox News has established itself as the most trusted brand in the market, with its brand value coming up to #11.2 Billion as per survey in 2016. Fox News has emerged as leading cable and news networks and has its connections in approximately 90 million homes with most dynamic presentation of news.

Last Modified: Mar 10, 2020

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