Carl Cameron was born in the year 1961 and he is a commentator and a television journalist at Fox News Channel. He is an American. As reported in his biography, Carl Cameron spent a part of his childhood with his family, in the country of Iran since his father was working there like archaeologist. Afterwards, he returned to the New Hampshire and there he attended Bates College. Carl Cameron got to married Moira Hopkins. His wife is a technician at Fox News and they go together in the campaign trails. There is no report about having children together.

He started the career in the media in the year 1985 with WZID and WFEA radio station based in Manchester in New Hampshire. He started working in the salesman role but afterwards, he got a chance in broadcasting when a weather man of the station got sick. Afterwards, he was working like a political director at WMUR-TV, the ABC affiliate based in Manchester.

In the year 1995, he got hired to join Fox News when he was covering the presidential election of 1996. Afterwards, he became a full time worker of Fox News when he became a Capitol Hill Correspondent. He had covered all the presidential elections since 1996 and was nicknamed as Campaign Carl by Sheppard Smith. This is the same nickname that it is used to introduce him on air.

After the election of 2000, Carl Cameron was named by Fox News to be the first Chief Political correspondent and with the election of 2004; he became the Chief White House Correspondent. In the year 2006, Cameron went back to being Chief Political Correspondent and he covered the midterm election of 2006 while he was preparing himself for the presidential campaign of 2008.

Carl Cameron has covered other stories like breach of the security at DEA and with other Federal Agencies in the year 2001. It was by the Israelis who were claiming to be students of Arts. He also covered the arrest of drunk driving of George W Bush of 1976.

While working as reporter of Radios in New Hampshire, Carl Cameron had been named many times the top reporter of State Associated Press Broadcaster Association by Washington Post and Philadelphia Enquirer. He was described as brash and smart.

In the year 2009, Washingtonian Magazine called Carl Cameron as one among top 50 journalists for the nation. They said that both Republican and Democrat trust in Carl because he has a reporting style which other reporters had not been able to achieve. The New York Times had described Cameron to be a hard working journalist and unbiased in how he reports. He had a less polished look which is the contrast of Chuck Todd of NBC news. There is no reporter about ever having eye surgery or record of his net worth.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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