Theresa Vail was born in the year 1990s and was Miss Kansas of 2013. She became one of the top ten in Miss America of 2014 pageant. She became first contestant who displayed her tattoos openly during the swimsuit competition. She got the Award of America’s Choice and afterwards, she became the host of Outdoor Channel. She is now a student at Kansas State University.

According to her biography, Theresa Vail finished her high school at Leavenworth High School in Kansas and then started at Kansas State University in the year 2009. She stopped in the year 2013 so that she can attend the beauty pageant of 2013. When he finished the year for being Miss Kansas, she started to host Outdoor channel’s programs and went back at Kansas State where she finished her B.A degree of Psychology in the year 2016. She is now about to finish the second B.A with Chemistry and she works to get a masters degree for Psychology and prepares herself to study in Medical school.

Theresa Vail is now a mechanic and a leader of the section for Kansas Army National Guard for Medical Detachment.

In the year 2012, Theresa Vail competed in Miss Leavenworth County Pageant. She is athlete who is specializing in Boxing, Skydiving, marksmanship and archery. Before, she was assuming that she will have to showher talent in archery. Before attending the pageant, she learned that using projectile objects is not allowed.

She had to decide on another talent or she should have dropped out of competition. She decided to sing and sung Nessun Dorma. After winning for Leavenworth County, she won for Kansas and contested in Miss America. During this contest, it is the time that she showed off her tattoos, a United States Army Dental Command’s insignia at the left shoulder with a Serenity Prayer at her torso’s right side.

Even if she was not able to win the crown of Miss America, she says that she was happy for the experience she got and she was a friend to Miss New York Nina Davuluri who won.

Theresa Vail became the host of Limitless with Theresa Vail at Outdoor Channel in the year 2015. Because of an accident that took place during the show at Holy Cross, in Alaska, her show got canceled and she started to host NRA All Access in 2016.

Theresa Vail is a sergeant in US army and she is a second person in the army, to be a contestant in beauty pageant. She wants to follow her parents especially her father to work in US Army Dental Corps. She is a tomboy and likes to hunt and doing archery. Theresa Vail is yet to be married and has no husband now. Her fans can follow her on Instagram @theresavail and her twitter is @Theresa_Vail. Her net worth is 500 thousand dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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