Eve Plumb was born in the year 1958 and she is a painter and American actress. She portrayed Jan Brady, a middle daughter of The Brady Bunch sitcom of 1970s.

From her biography, Eve Plumb started to act when she was still a young child and appeared in the TV commercials during the year 1966. She was in Lassie, The Big Valley and the Virginian in the year that followed. In 1968, she was in Family Affair and It takes a Thief. She was in Gunsmoke and Christmas Came a Little Early.

Since 1969 until 1974, she was playing as Jan Brady for The Brady Bunch sitcom at ABC. She was in the storylines where she was in embarrassment because Jan did not have a boyfriend, she was concerned about future appearance, growing up as a middle child and the insecurity she had because she was putting on glasses.

Most of the time, the story lines was about how she was jealousy because of her older sister called Marcia. Eve Plumb was also the voice in The Brady Kids cartoon that aired on Saturday Morning. The show got canceled in the year 1974 but its reruns reached higher success. This show had always been on television airwaves and led to many spinoffs, feature films, parodies and reunion specials. There are many episodes for the show where Brady kids had to sign and this led for them to record many albums.

After The Brady Bunch, Eve Plumb had been in many other movies and tv shows like Dawn: Portrait of a Teenager Runaway, Alexander: The Other Side of Dawn, Little Women, Here’s Lucy, Fantasy Island, Super Mario Brothers Super Show, All My children, The facts of Live, Wonder Woman, Murder She Wrote and That 70’s Show among others.

She played like a guest star in Law and Order: SVU. She was Angela Brooks for Monster’s Legacy episode. She was also in Army Wives where she was Reba Green for Damaged Episodes. She also appeared in Grease Live movie and Blue Ruin film.

Eve Plumb is a painter and started to paint for more than 2 decades now. She had got the success from different galleries in US. Eve Plumb is married to Ken Pace from 1995. Her husband is technology and business consultant. They have no children. They live in the city of Laguna Beach in California and she works in Design Review Board of the city. In the year 2016, she sold her home in Malibu which she bought when she was only 11 years. It was a beach bungalow bought at 55,000 dollars and it was sold at 3.9 million dollars.

Eve Plumb has an alternative rock band in New York City named after her, The Eve’s plum. One of its members had been her friend for a long period. Eve Plumb’s Instagram is @theeveplumb and her net worth is not recorded.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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