Janice Dean

Janice Dean is a weather personality for Fox News Channels with Fox Business Network. She is now a substitute for the Fox News Live headline anchor whenever it is needed. She got the nickname, Janice Dean, The Weather Machine.  This is the name that was coined by the evening for Fox News Channels called Shepard Smith.

Janice Dean started the career in the Ottawa area at CHEZ-FM. She was a co-host in the morning and at the same time a disc Jockey. She started to appear on the camera for weather in 1997 with CBOT television. She got the honors diploma in the Algonquin College where she did the Radio with Television broadcasting.

Before she started at Fox, she was an entertainment reporter and a news editor for the Imus in the Morning. Before this, Dean worked for the on- air traffic reporter for the WCBS-TV in the New York City.  Janice Dean worked once in the CHUM Limited in the Ottawa and she was in many positions here like the morning news anchor for the Breakfast at the New RO.  Dean was the host of different radio programs of Houston and she was the affiliate of the KLDE-FM, KKBQ-FM and KODA-FM.

In the bio of Janice Dean, it shows that once, she was working as an officer in the Canadian By-Law Enforcement. She had the duties of writing the parking tickets with chasing dogs. Janice Dean grew up in the area of Ottawa but she was born in Toronto. She got married to a member of the New York City fire department and they have got two children together.  Her husband is called Sean Newman and they are dedicated to their relationship so, there is nothing like a divorce now.  There are no extra marital affairs that were reported or a number of many boyfriends that she has dated.

Janice Dean is not only a reporter but she also acts. She has appeared in many TV shows and movies. She was noted because of her role in the movies such as Fox and friends, America Live and Happening Now.  She is known to have the perfect body with the best legs that stuns every person around her. She has been able to maintain the best body measurement despite her age.

Even if the net worth of Janice Dean was not yet been reported, it is believed that it is in the millions.  She is well known in social networks like Twitter, Instagram and Twitter.

The job of Janice Dean in communications is not something that can be predicted since it depends on the weather. When there is some storm that is barreling up, she will spend more time at Fox Business Channel and Fox with other reports that she does for the Fox News Radio. Some people may think that she reads the teleprompter but this is not the case since she writes own script after doing the research. Even while doing such research, she has to be ready for the camera. Whenever there is a flash flooding or a tornado warning, she has to be on the camera at once. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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