Mark Fuhrman

Mark Fuhrman was born in the year 1952 and he is an ex detective of the LAPD or Los Angeles Police Department. He was known because of the part he played in the murders of Ronald Lyle Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson. He was then judged of felony because of the perjury. He is a writer of books that talk about true crime and once he hosted the talk radio show.

Mark Fuhrman was born in Washington and he attended the Peninsula High School in the gig harbor. When he was 18 years, he got enlisted in United States Marine Corps and he was trained to be a military policeman and a machine gunner. He went in Vietnam and he was discharged honorably in the year 1975. He attained the Sergeant rank. After sometime, he graduated in the Los Angeles Police Academy and he was promoted to be a detective.  He worked like a police officer for over 20 years and he got over 55 commendations before he retired.  Since he was charged of felony perjury, he is not allowed to work like a police officer in many states.

Mark Fuhrman was married and he had divorced three times. His first is wife is Barbara L Koop from 1973 to 1977. Janet Ellen Sosbee was his second wife from 1977 until 1980. Her third marriage was to Caroline Lody, whom they got married from 1980 and they divorced in the year 2000.  The marriage to Caroline produced a daughter Haley with a son Cole.  

In the murder case of Ronald Lyle Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson, in his testimony, he said that he saw a glove at the murder area and the other one from the home of Simpson.  However, the defense team said that he planted the glove in order to incriminate Simpson for the murders because of being racially motivated.

In the cross-examination of Mark Fuhrman, he was asked by F. Lee Bailey if he had used nigger word talking but he said that he had never used it within the last 10 years.  The defense had to produce four witnesses who said that he had used the word recently and there was a recorded audiotape that contracted this.  Because of this, he was charged by the perjury.

However according to Mark Fuhrman, he said that the case had been botched, since the prosecution did not take into account the key evidence and that they refused to involve a detective who had discovered this evidence. He said that the trial was more about the race but not the murder and this is what he thinks that motivated the jury. He said investigators did not look for the available evidence which may have led to the guilty verdict. The case of O.J Simpson was also talked about in the case of Casey Anthony. Marcia Clark who was an ex-prosecutor said that Simpson case was less shocking and the verdict was not what she was expecting. She said that the case was more circumstantial and it was hard to prove.  Mark Fuhrman has a net worth of 1 million dollars. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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