Susan Hendricks

Susan Hendricks is a news reporter and a TV anchor for HLN and she also occasionally works with CNN.


She was born in the 1973 in the state of New Jersey. Her parents are William John Hendricks and Marie Hendricks. They were a middle class family, giving Susan a comfortable upbringing when it came to finances. Susan Hendricks was a Christian from her birth and she continued with the same religion as she grew up into adulthood. Susan was the eldest child among her siblings and she was not able to get the best while growing up when it came to issues that did not involve money. She did not have the best childhood since most of the time, everything was not that smooth for their family and there was a lot of tension when she was growing up.

When she was young, she wished to become an actress and she was a good student while attending the Hun School in Princeton. She was a good ballet dancer and still managed to do well in her studies as she balanced her dancing with her school work.  When she graduated from high school, she needed to work low paying jobs for a period of time which is why her dreams of becoming an actress was no longer a top priority. When she went to college at Arizona State University, her dreams started to change. She no longer had a goal to become an actress. Something in college made her change her mind because she decided to major in mass communications.

Susan explained to Cotton Candy Mag why she wanted to become a news anchor, “I loved expressing myself through writing in high school. It wasn’t until I got to Arizona State that I knew I wanted to be a reporter. I heard Walter Cronkite speak in one of my classes. I was able to interview Mr. Cronkite years later as a reporter. It was an honor to meet him and spend time with such an icon.”

Broadcasting Career

Susan Hendricks had to be convinced that become a reporter on TV. Even though she is a very attractive woman, she was self-conscious of the fact that people would see her on TV all the time as a news anchor. She hated the fact that she would have to worry about her appearance because she was going to become a public. After taking some time to think about it, she realized that it was worth putting herself out there and she decided to stop caring about her personal appearance.

Susan was considered to be made for TV. She has beautiful blonde hair, blue eyes, and a pretty face with a lovely smile. The media was excited when she made her debut. They said people would keep their eyes on the TV even when Susan was presenting bad news because she had a face that you just couldn’t turn your gaze away from.


She started her career with Comcast Cable located in Orange County.  Orange County is a wealthy area of California that is east of Los Angeles. The area was made popular by the young adult drama, The OC that aired on Fox. She then moved to Palm Springs where she started to work under KESQ-TV. There, she got a chance to express herself as a field reporter and she covered many topics and current events in the news. She got recruited by the KAMIR-TV due to her excellent work. There, she was chosen to be an anchor for two hours in the morning. It was one of her biggest assignments up that point. She considered it to be much easier than when she had to report from the field. Sitting behind the desk was much more comfortable than reporting from various locations.

She has been anchoring for the HLN channel and she has also appeared as the newsreader for CNN when one of their regular host needed someone to sub in.

When asked how she preps for work and what she does at the end of the work day to unwind, Susan said, “Let’s start with the decompressing part. I put on comfy clothes, take off my makeup, and play with my daughter. Nothing is better. My iPhone comes in handy when prepping for work. I also read e-mails and see what guests will be on the show. What people should know about my job is that there is so much that goes on behind the scenes. The writers and producers play a significant role in everything you see on the air. Having a good producer is so helpful. The control room is where it all happens.”

Personal Life

Susan Hendricks is regarded to be very hot and she has sexy pictures all over the internet. The pictures aren’t due to her own sharing, she has a legion of fans that spread her pictures because they want other people to be in awe of her beauty. She has a great body that people can’t stop admiring. She looks very young for her age.

She disappointed a lot of fans when she got married to her husband, Robin Fowler. She was known to have a lot of boyfriends in the past but that all stopped when she got married. She is very faithful to her husband. He is a very lucky man and does not feel insecure. He knows that she will always come home to him and doesn’t get worried about her cheating on him.

Susan has a net worth of 5 million dollars but her salary is not known.

Susan was quick to answer when she was asked who her dream interview subject would be, “My dream conversation would be with Oprah. I am sure she would be on most people’s list. I just watched Oprah’s interview with Rihanna on OWN. Oprah has a way of connecting with the audience and with the guest. It never feels like an interview. You can, for a moment, get an enlightening glimpse into someone’s life. You leave feeling like you have learned something, and you are connected.”

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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