Stella Inger

Stella Inger’s place of birth is Russia and it is the place where she spent her childhood. Her family moved to United States when she was still seven years and the rest of her childhood was spent in California.  At first, she did some of her studies in Los Angeles Valley College and afterwards she moved to University of Southern California. She has a bachelor degree in the broadcast journalism and she got it in 2005.  While studying in USC, she worked like a personal banker. When she was free, she liked to explore the Arizona by hiking with her dog.  She likes Yoga and cooking while she sometimes spends some of her time in the animal community. However, her biography does not say too much things about her such as boyfriends and other dates. She is beautiful with perfect measurement including her feet.

Stella Inger begun a career in the broadcast in the Journalism of the KXLF in the Bozeman Montana. Before getting the job from the CBS affiliate, she became an intern from Los Angeles unit.  She also worked on KABC twice. She got a belief stint on CBS under KPSP. She after sometime worked at the KTVK while she also become a reporter on the ATVN.  From 2013, Stella Inger is a co-anchor of 5,6 and the 10p news of KGUN, an affiliate of ABC television at Channel 9 News, Arizona. Before, she worked as a reporter at the same time as an anchor on KTVK of Phoenix.

Stella Inger was named to be the Best TV personality in the Desert from a local newspaper of California, the Desert Sun. She got the honors as for her Best Use of Social Media in the Newscast Award of LA Press Club.  She was named for the Emmy Awards twice. The first nomination was in 2009, where she did an investigative report for the September 11 attacks and how it is related to the Americans who were converting to the Islam. The second was because of how she was anchoring her morning show.  She was also named A Woman of the Month under while she was still working under KPSP-TV which was the CBS affiliate.

In the year 2010 and 2011, she had co-anchored the Chabad Telethlon reporting of KTLA with other celebrities such as Larry King, Tom Arnold, Jordan Farmar and Jon Voight. She was also involved into a stint in the Montana area where she covered different eventful stories which included the interview with an American Daredevil and Evel  Knievel since the 2008. She was seen reporting together with Shaquille O’Neil at AOL Sports. She flew a fighter plane when she was reporting about the air show.

When Stella Inger came to America, she was only 7 years of age and she was with her younger sister and parents. She is known to be a Trojan in her heart and she showed what she can do when she was still young.  When she is not working, she likes to volunteer in different work where she helps homeless animals to get a home and helping children. You can find her on Facebook or twitter.  

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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