Zeinab Badawi

Zeinab Badawi is a British TV journalist and radio presenter. She is a presenter of the ITV morning news and she was also the host of the World News Today on bbc. Her place of birth is Sudan by she has been raised in Britain from the age of 3. She got many awards because of the work she did in journalism. During her childhood throughout her adulthood, she had many academic degrees.  When it comes to her marital life, the only information available is that she has four children who are aged from the age of 9 to 15. The details about who is her husband or other information about her marital status cannot be found. She likes to have a low profile when it comes to her private life.

Even if there is no information about any person he had married, there are some rumors that she divorced her husband and she got the custody of the children. The name of the husband and the reason why she divorced is not known.  After the separation, there is no report that that she had been involved in any affair or had a boyfriend.

She is now focusing more on her career and she is known to have said that if she was not able to make it in journalism, she should have joined the politics. While working in her career, she is known to have gotten too many properties from her income but her salary or net work information is not available. It is said that she has two sons and two daughters but there is no photos of them with her.

Even if she likes to talk about the impact of the Muslim religion on marital relationship, she does not like to talk about her biography such as her stories about the college life, studies or the work she does in the society. She only say that her family was educated and that her grandfather who may have been 100 years by now, he knew how to write and read. While talking about the family, she does not mention anything about her father, mother or children.

Zeinab Badawi was born in the 1959 in Sudan and her family was wealthy which means that she did not face too many problems while growing up. She says that the parents had always been supportive and understanding.  Her father was committed to the reforms and was a newspaper editor. He moved the family to the UK and he joined the Arabic service of BBC.  

She was educated in Hornsey High School for the girls in the North London.  She did Economics, Politics and philosophy at St Hilda’s College at the Oxford University. She uses two nationalities, Sudanese and British and she is of black ethnicity.  She is one of the highest paid journalists of BBC and she has many fans.  She has an honorary doctorate of Letters and it was given by School of Oriental with the African Studies to recognize her achievements in the journalism. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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