Carl Quintanilla

Carl Quintanilla is an American Journalist and he is the anchor for the cnbc network for the Squawk at the Street morning program. It is broadcasting live from New York Stock Exchange. He was an anchor of the Squawk Box.   It is not known when he was born so none knows about his age, and he keeps quiet about all his personal details which are not disclosed and he is able to keep his life as a mystery.  He attended the University of Colorado and got a bachelor of the Arts degree in the Political science from the year 1993.

Since 1991 until 1993, he was the reporter coupling columnist of Boulder Daily Camera or BDC at the Boulder. He worked as assistant editor in the summer for National Public Radio or NPR of Washington.  Before he started to work in the NBC, he spends some years as the news reporter of the Wall Street Journal.  While writing for the WSJ Chicago, she was encompassing the airlines, manufacturing and economic issues.  He is known to write a week-wise column on the issues related to the work. He covered London and China Olympics with the details of the reconstruction which are related to the Iraq post wall.

It is believed that he is of Asian ethnicity but his mother’s or father’s name is not known.  He follows Buddhist religion but he is of the US holding.  He is married to Judy Chung who was a former MSNBC and CNBC producer since 2005. He is tall and he stands over 6 feet tall. He had maintained the body very well and his weight and height are known to balance since he looks always smart.  He is a father of two twins Ava Jane with Lily Anna. The children were born in 2009.  There were rumors that he is planning to divorce his wife but it was found out that it was not true.  He is still living a happier life with the children and wife and there is no divorce which is expected soon.

Carl Quintanilla covered the US presidential election campaign of 2004 and in 2005, he spends a long time in the New Orleans as the part of the NBC team which covered Hurricane Katrina and he felicitated National Emmy with RTNDA known as the Edward R, ER Murrow Award.  He got many awards for his work including The Twitter Revolution, The CC craze which featured the giant warehouse and the BMW obsession.  He showed the figures and the facts on the MacDonald Empire and the secret of life garbage through Trash. He did the inside stories of the Harvard Business School in the form of The Money Chase and this is not about to forget the endeavor of the business. He became famous when he did the crime series known as the Telecast Inc.

He said that the benchmark for all the awards if found in the Squawk on the Street that wastelecast on the ET and he was broadcasting it live under NYSE. Brunett and Haines were the first co-anchor of the exchange.   

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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