Mishal Husain

Mishal Husain, sometime spelled like Mishal Hussein was born in 1973 and she is a news presenter of British-Pakistani origins for BBC.  She had appeared for BBC World News, Today or BBC weekend News.  She had worked as a presenter of the BBC breakfast and the HARDTalk.

Mishal Husain was born in England and the parents were from Islamic Republic of Pakistan. When she reached the age of two, the family had to move into the United Arab Emirates and her father was a doctor there. She went to a British School in the Abu Dhabi. The family had been based in the Saudi Arabia for a certain period. She had to return to UK when she reached the age of 12 years where she did some of her education in Cobham Hall. She did her law studies in New Hall, Cambridge, continued with the masters’ degree in the international and comparative law with European University Institute in Italy.

Mishal Husain got her first experience of the Journalism in Islamic Republic of Pakistan when she was 18 years old and she worked for The News which is an English-language newspaper. While at university, she did some stints with bbc for work experience.

Mishal Husain started in her career in the TV with the Bloomberg Television and she worked as the producer but sometime as a presenter.  After two years, she started to work with BBC where she was a junior producer with News 24.  She moved to Economics and Business Unit. After few years, she became on camera presenter where she worked in many roles. Even if her religion is Muslim, Mishal Husain does not always have the veil on. She says that The Koran asks to people to dress modestly and it does not elaborate on it.

Mishal Husain is married to Meekal Hashmi since 2003 and the couple has three sons, the eldest who was born in 2004 with twin boys who were born in 2006. During the extreme killing of the ISIL hostage, Mishal Husain supported the user of the social media in denouncing how the killing was extreme.

Mishal Husain is the first broadcaster of BBC who is a Muslim. She agreed with Not In My Name campaign with positive development since there was the outrage which was shared by the people who think the same.  It is important to see more of counterpart by using a theological perspective. The scholars wanted to put forwards the arguments used in the videos.

Mishal Husain had interviewed many people including high profile figures like Paul Wolfowitz,  Richard Perle, Richard Armitage and President Paul Kagame.

She is in charge of the Impact, a BBC program that is being hosted each Monday up to Friday.  

You can find more of her bio on different websites online. Mishal Husain had done a documentary that explores the life of Gandhi especially in his last year and which ended when an assassin killed him with a bullet. She tried to get to the bottom of this mystery and why he was killed. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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