Marcellus Wiley

Marcellus Wiley full name is Marcellus Vernon Wiley has retired as An American football defensive end. He played for 10 seasons in the National Football League and played for four teams. He started track, field and football while he was still in school.  While he was still in the Columbia University, Wiley played the tailback, kick return and defensive end for Lions. In his colleges, he was the pick for the All-Ivy and the All-American.  He graduated in sociology.

Marcellus Wiley was a footballer layer and now he is a co-host at ESPN. He has a radio talk show which he co-hosts with Max Kellerman. He is the co-host of the Sports nation and sometime he is in charge of the boxes. He is known to ask for the services of Patti Stenger , a millionaire matchmaker in order to help him to get a girlfriend. He has a net worth of 5 million and his annual salary is of 350 thousand dollars.  Once in his interview, he said that he may want to date someone. He talked in the conference room about his child and the house he has at Manhattan Beach. He wants a wife who will give birth to his children. When she tried to ask him about surrogacy or adoption, he said that he wants his own children. 

He has a list of many girls that he has already dated, however, it is not confirmed if he was serious or not. He never talks about his personal life such as women in the media only that he is still looking for a girl to make a wife.  It is believed that he had found the girl he wants through the matchmaking services. There are some pictures which were leaked out staying that he is about to get marriage. However, he did not communicate it officially or any report about it.  

It is not known if he ever got married or if he never got a divorce.  He never gave a hint about what may be taking place in his private life.  He says that he has a daughter but there is no detail about who his daughter’s mother is, if they have got married, if they have separated, if he gives child support or alimony.  With no much information about his own life, there are some who say that he has been married many times and that after the separation, she pays for the child support and alimony. There are some who continue to say that Marcellus Wiley is single and never married.  

Marcellus Wiley joined NFL combine when he was measuring 6’feet 4 inches with 257 pounds.  He started his career as a situational pass rusher and he recorded nine sacks for the first three years. His stat during his career is found online. He is the co-founder of the which is the sports community where the pro athletes may express their viewpoints; they can publicize the business, events and charities. He likes social media such as twitter and facebook. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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