Suzann Pettersen

Susann Petterson is a Norwegian and a professional golfer. She plays mostly in the LPGA Tour which is a US based.  He is a member of Ladies European Tour and she ranks second for her world ranking record and she had held it for many times while the latest was in 2012.

Suzann Pettersen has been nicknamed Tutta and she lives in the Florida, she is sexy, dashing and hot and she is over 5 ft 8 inches in the height. She has an attractive body and feet.  She was born in Norway, in Oslo area and her parents Mona and Axel were participating in the sports and games instructions. Petterson has two brothers, Gunerius and Stefan. She is a relative of the merchant Gunerius Petterson. 

She was an amateur for five times for Norwegian Amateur Champion and she won the British Girls Tournament of 1999. She was asked to represent Norway for the women for the world amateur team. She won the Espirato Santo Trophy of1998 and of 2000.

It is hard to know more about the private life of Susann Petterson since it is not clear if she has a boyfriend. There is no information if she ever got married or having many affairs. Since she is over 30 years, it is expected that she is only keeping it a secret but she might have already a husband.  Many of her fans wish that she may get married and so that he can live a happier life with a husband.  Since it is yet to be confirmed that she is married, it is hard to say that she had a divorce.  Even if there is nothing confirmed, some people say that she may be a gay and have a girlfriend instead. However, this is not confirmed.

Even if it is yet to be confirmed if she is married, what it known is that she is beautiful and talented.  People were amazed when she decided to pose naked for Sports Illustrated in a bikini and swimsuit. She is blonde and extremely talented. She likes to show off her body and she had also some of her pictures posted on ESPN the Magazine.  Even if she may not be playing all the times, she spends more time in a gym. She works out every day and for at least two hours and her hard work shows off in how her body is beautiful when he decides to take off the clothes. She is completely beautiful and perfect with the naked pictures.  She said that she was not shy or timid for having to pose naked but she said that she was flattered when she was asked to do it.

Susann Petterson become professional in 2000 and she had won more than 21 professional cups and challenges. She mainly plays for the LPGA tour but she is always playing in Ladies European Tour.  By 2001, she won over Becky Morgan in the final round match and got a French Open Title. She had a huge achievement and she got many followers on her twitter account. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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