Martha MacCallum

Martha MacCallum is a popular personality on TV and works for the Fox News Channel as an anchor.


Martha MacCallum was born in 1964 and raised in New York. She graduated from Ramapo High School and she ended up getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science after she finished her college tenure. 

From her early childhood, she was always interested in hosting programs. She would pretend that she was a reporter in her house. Whenever her parents had the news on, Martha was fascinated by the TV anchors. When other little girls were busy playing with their dolls, Martha would try to imitate her role models by creating imaginary reports to amuse her parents.

Broadcasting Career

Martha started her career as a reporter for a corporate finance magazine. She worked for the Wall Street Journal for 6 years, a period that began in 1991 and ended in 1996.Starting in 1996, she worked as an anchor for the WBIS-TV station. She was interested in reporting on the business industry as well as sports.

Throughout her broadcasting career, she has worked as an anchor for the Morning Call on CNBC and also many news programs that aired on NBC affiliate stations. She was able to contribute a lot information and professionalism in her work for CNBC and NBC broadcasts. Many of the network’s viewers appreciated Martha’s reporting style and delivery. She has worked with many popular and well respected anchors and reporters. She was in charge of interviewing popular people like Chris Christie, David Axelrod, General Axelford and John McCaine. She became the co-host of the popular show, America’s Newsroom.

Even if she is popular among her viewers, she was sometimes engaged in some controversies, especially because of the comments she makes on air. She had to apologize many times to the viewers and sometimes she was even expected to be fired because of them.  

She is considered to be among the richest TV personalities and his net worth is up to 8 million dollars.  She makes 700 thousand dollars a year in her salary.  She has a ton of experience in the field and her future in the field looks to be very bright even though she has already accomplished so much. She is very active on social media platforms like Facebook. 

The Big Interview

Martha gained a spot on national headlines when she scored an exclusive interview with Bret Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh was a Supreme Court judge nominee that was getting ready to be confirmed when allegations of sexual assault by a woman named Doctor Ford. Ford claimed that during a high school party, Kavanaugh and his friend held Ford down on a bed while Kavanaugh grinded on her. Ford also claimed that he put his hand over her mouth to prevent people from hearing her plea for help.


The story was very polarizing and created division of supporters. The supporters of Kavanaugh mostly consisted of Republicans that wanted to see another Republican secure a Supreme Court seat. They made the argument that Ford’s claim was false and just a tactic by the Democratic Party to block Kavanaugh’s nomination. President Trump publicly supported Kavanaugh and said that Ford’s story had no substance. Since she could not remember all of the details, he didn’t think that she could be counted on for accuracy.

The people who supported Ford said that voting in Kavanaugh for a powerful position that would last many years was a huge mistake and an insult to women. To have a person who sexually assaulted a woman as a Supreme Court judge was a scary proposition. The biggest strike against Kavanaugh was when he refused to have a FBI investigation. If he was truly innocent, he would have taken any chance to clear his name in the public eye.

When asked by Variety Magazine about her she secured the lucrative interview, Martha said, “I think he was anxious to get his story out. My staff and I have been furiously working this story, reaching out not only to Kavanaugh’s team, but also the women who have made allegations against him. I believe I got the interview in part because Kavanaugh felt my show would offer a fair shake. What viewers may not realize was how emotional Kavanaugh was during our talk. It was very clear to me that underneath it all, he was choking up. His feelings were very palpable.”

Personal Life

When it comes to her physical appearance, she is 5 feet and 4 inches tall. She is already over 50 years old but she has maintained her looks and body which means that she will always look younger than her actual age.

She has always had great body measurements and since she has had an attractive body, there was always a line of men who always pursued her especially before she got married. She is now happily married to her husband, Daniel John Gregory and they have been married since 1992. The couple has 3 children together.

However, even if there is nothing that has been confirmed yet, there are some people who say that the couple is on the last legs of their marriage and are close to separating. Some people think that it is only a matter of time that their marriage ends and that they on the verge of getting divorce because Martha is rumored to be a cheater. The couple continued to deny such rumors and they say that they are in relationship paradise and that rumors of divorce are rubbish. Even though Martha is fed up with the speculation and rumors, she understands where the attention comes from. Since she is a public figure, she recognizes that people that don’t like her will try to bring her down. She has always tried to be a professional and kind to people she comes across, especially the people that she works with. She never tries to cross anyone but she thinks that those nasty rumors may have come from someone that she rubbed the wrong way.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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