Neil Cavuto

Neil Cavuto was born in the year 1958 and he is an American Television anchor and a commentator for the Fox Business Network. He hosts three different television programs which are Cavuto on Business, Your World With Neil Cavuto on the fox news channels and the Cavuto show on the Fox Business Network.  He also tapes a nightly wrap of different business news which is put on the air at the local fox affiliates in the late new which are being syndicated on the Radio business news segment and on the weekday’s afternoon.  He is a senior vice president at the same time a managing editor at the Fox Business Network at the Business news. He oversees the business coverage and he is an author for two books.

Neil Cavuto is known to suffer different illnesses and when he got over the cancer, he was told that he is suffering from the Multiple Sclerosis after sometime. Even if the doctors say that he will fail soon to talk and walk, it is known that his illness has never slowed him down but he says that he is more conscious about his sickness now when he is on air.

Neil Cavuto was born in New York and he was raised in the Connecticut.  He attended Immaculate High school and he became a manager for the fish and chips restaurant while still in a high school.  His father has ancestors from Italy while the mother is from the Irish ancestry. He was a white house intern when Jimmy Carter was the president and he graduated from St Bonaventure University during the year 1980s. He got a bachelor in mass communication and he earned the master degree from the American University.

Neil Cavuto became the managing editor for television anchor and business news for Your World With Neil Cavuto on the Fox News Channel since 1996. He later became the vice president for the business News in 2006. He was in charge of the three positions at once.  Before he started to work at Fox, he was the host of the Power Lunch at the CNBC and he contributed to the NBC’s today. He was an employee of the Public Broadcasting Service for over 15 years. He was a bureau chief for New York City. He has been given many awards by the peers in journalism industry and this include the Wall Street Journal like the best interviewer in the entire business news and as the best television interviewer for four years with the five nomination for the Cable ACE Awards.  He was given the 1980 Hellinger Award and this is the highest award for the students who are graduating in St Bonaventure University. Cavuto had interviewed people in different industries such as leaders in the political and business worlds.

Cavuto is married to Mary Fulling and they have three children together. They live in New Jersey. He has a net worth of 23million dollars and he earned it as a salary as a senior vice president and the managing editor for Fox Business Network. He got money from being a television anchor and from selling his books. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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