Andy Levy is a writer and a journalist and he is also known as Andrew Levy and he was born in 1966. He is appreciated because of the outstanding performance he did with the Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld where he was the Ombudsman who was forecasting at Fox News Channels.  He is renowned because of the libertarian politics and deadpan delivery. The humorous commentator did his schooling in the Smithtown High school and he did his bachelor education, at the Columbia University where he was majoring in the Political Science.  Andy Levy served as the 31K Combat Signaler for the US Army and he was in the 20th infantry Regiment which is a part of the 2nd Infantry Division in the US army on a Demilitarized Zone of 5th Battalion of Korea.  He is known to use the catch phrase I apologize for nothing.

Andy Levy is married to wife Collin Levy when he was 47 of age. Collin by profession is a speech writer. She worked for former President George Bush. The wedding ceremony took place in the beautiful bride house. He is happy with his wife and there is no talk about any divorce in the near future. There is no information about external affairs or girlfriends that he had before. He is known to be the ideal husband to Collin but they are yet to get the children by now.

When it comes to his career as a commentator and television personnel, he is known to be associate of NBC news channel. He moved to Los Angeles and he shows that he loves music and plays keyboards.  He played for the Dalton Grant who is a songwriter and a singer. He was known for the Halftime Report with the Postgame Wrap-ups which made him to be too popular. He also worked as an executive with for Directors Guild of America or its 69th Annual Academy Awards. He worked in its publicity from the start.  Levy is in charge of sending the information about the matters of the great concerns to the country. He also likes to post such information on twitter and his latest information was about Taylor Swift, a pop star who was given a free dental cleaning from a dentist. He was involved into a hot topic with Diane Macedo from New York Police Department which made his name to be also famous.  His discussion was a heated and they talked about how the police do the monitoring. It was considered as a controversial debate for all the time.

He worked as an associate of the NBC News for three years in Washington DC and after sometime he moved to Los Angeles where he worked for ten years in Hollywood. He was a publicity of Academy Awards for its 69th times. About his salary or net worth, it is yet to be revealed in any media but he is known to be earning a good salary. He is also known to love cats. He has two cats, Stormy and Pixel and his interest in his cats brings some humor while on the stage.  

Last Modified: Mar 15, 2020

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