Greg Gutfeld

Greg Gutfeld is blogger, magazine editor, humorist, author, political satirist and television personality in America. He is the host of the red eye with Greg Gutfeld for the Fox News Channels. He is among the panelists and co-host of political show of Fox News called The Five. The show started in 2011 and he was referred to as the Rod Serling for Political and Social commentary.  He says that he is a libertarian.

Greg Gutfeld was born in California, in San Mateo place and he went to Junipero Serra High School and to the University of California at Berkeley. He graduated in the 1987 and he got a BA in the English.  He said that he changed his political thinking when he was attending UC Berkeley.

He is now living with his wife in New York City. His wife is Elena Moussa and they met when he was in London. He lived there for three years. He says that he is agnostic atheist, however he was raised as a catholic and he was an altar boy. His father is from Jewish heritage.

He is versatile and this helped him to be a popular personality in the TV shows in the world.  He started the career at Prevention magazines and he became an editor of Rodale Press Magazines which worked for Men’s Health and the staff writer.  He got enrolled in the company since 1995 and because of the hard work and how he was responsible, he became the chief editor.

Even if he is famous, he is also most of the time in controversies. He was fired from Magazine Publisher of America because of such controversies.  He was the chief for Dennis publishing house and he worked for Maxim Magazines afterwards. Once he commented about Canadian government and he got a public demonstration. Prime minister of Canada asked to get the apology of Fox News. He was also in the controversy when he said that he wished to build the first gay bar in the New York City which would be near Islamic community center of Park51.

He is tall and his height is 1.65cm. When he met his wife, they dated for three years before they got married.  They are both caring and loving to one another and there is no way to get divorce in the near future.

You can find Greg Gutfeld in the social media like Instagram, Facebook and twitter. He is 49 but he still does his best so that he can maintain the stardom he has for his fans. He is a hardworking person and he was able to make up to 2 million dollars  net worth from the salary he gets. He has made some quotes that are repeated among the people of all ages and he likes to read the inspirational books. He respects his mother because she contributed to his success. His book, “Not Cool’ became famous and it is among the best seller books.  If you want to know what he does and what he likes to do, you can follow him on the social media. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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