Elena Moussa

Elena Moussa is a former fashion model and photo editor who is most famous for being the wife of Greg Gutfeld, the American television personality featured on Fox News.


Elena Moussa was born in Russia and carved out a career there as a model. She was very tall which made her attractive to fashion agents. She is a very mysterious woman and there are a lot of aspects of her life and biography that have not been revealed to the public. She prefers to stay in the background and let her outspoken husband do all the talking.

Personal Life

Elena is a very kind person, she is full of beauty and talent. She loves to read a lot, to dress well and she is very friendly but at the same time she is a very mysterious person.

Elena has always seemed to be a person who likes to have her private things and details under wraps. She does not like the idea of being on everybody’s mind and that is one of the reasons why her name is not on the internet that much. Even though her name is not that famous, Elena likes to use social media and she is very active on them.

She uses social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Something really common on her social media accounts is that she has a really low amount of followers but even when they are a not too many, she seems to answer their comments and enjoys interacting with her fans.

Most of the photos she posts are about her outfits which are amazing since she seems to have really good taste. She also likes to share photos of her house and social events with her friends.

Meeting Her Husband, Greg

Elena’s husband, Greg Gutfeld is an American television personality, author, humorist and blogger. He was living in London for more than three years when they met for the first time. Greg Gutfeld had just become editor in chief of Maxim U.K. and was attending a conference in Portugal. The conference consisted of editors from all of the Maxim magazines around the globe. While he was staying in the hotel, in the next room was Elena. At the time, she was a tall and pretty former runway mode who became the photo editor of Maxim Russia.

Since he is a talented writer, he wrote an article about her and her beautiful brown eyes and black hair. He did that before being they got together because he wanted her desperately to notice him. He stated he felt attracted to her mysterious personality, and that even when she was a “weirdo”, she was still kind and beautiful. Those traits were the most important things in a woman to him.


Greg still has a big smile as he remembers the first time they met, “I actually met her my first day on the job. When I saw her, I said to the editor of Maxim Russia, ‘Who is this woman?’ And I foolishly hit on her for three days. She was pretty cold to me, and finally I asked her out on a date.”

Greg’s courage paid off as their chemistry took off. She moved to London to be with Greg which was a big step in their relationship. Their wedding was very beautiful, it was a secret ceremony with family and friends that showered them with love.

Since Gutfeld has always been very reserved about his life and he was also a very serious man, the media could never figure out details about his sexuality. His sexuality was questioned for a lot of years since he never seemed to be in a relationship but it was cleared after he started dating Elena that he was a straight man.

Family Life

In an interview with Medium, Elena’s husband Greg gave readers a peek into their marriage. When he was asked about the last picture he captured on his cell phone, Greg took the chance to tell a story about his wife, “A small roasted baby potato, which I sent to my wife to mock her because I was eating carbs and she couldn’t stop me. It’s the dietary equivalent of sending a photo of a hostage to the cops. It’s like I’m saying to Elena, “look at this?—?there’s nothing you can do right now, so fill up a satchel of used fifty dollar bills.”

One shared thing that Elena and Greg like to do is browse for art pieces that they can place in their home. Choosing a favorite art piece of his is a difficult thing for Greg to do, “This is tough because we are living in temporary housing since the apartment flooded. And also, there’s work by Elena, and of Elena, so I have to be careful. But my favorite, sorry, is an absolutely awesome original painting given to me by the artist?—?Tom Hazelmyer. Tom, a Marine, founded Amphetamine Reptile Records, and is known for his band Halo of Flies. But he’s also an amazing artist, who’s done this incredible carved wood covers for Melvin’s records that are stunningly beautiful. When he and King Buzzo (leader of Melvins) came to “Red Eye” a few years back, Tom brought me this gorgeous block of work. It’s in storage until Elena and I move back in. But I found an image of it online. IT’S KIND OF AWESOME. Mickey Mouse shooting Lenin in the face. If that’s not American, what is? Hazelmyer is an American treasure. He’s also one of the few people who entered, and exited, a coma. An intriguing fellow.”

This has been one of the couples that have been mentioned the most in the entertainment world. They are intriguing because they don’t like to reveal too many things about themselves. They do not have children yet but they say they do want to have a couple of little girls. They currently reside in the medial capital of the world in New York City.

Last Modified: Mar 14, 2020

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