Larenz Tate

Larenz Tate is American actor of movies, films with TV shows. He was born in the year 1975 and he is over 40 years old. He grew up in Illinois and he is the youngest of the three sons of a middle class family and his parents are Larry and Peggy Tate.  His brothers Larron and Lahmd also act. He started to act when he was of 9 age and he started in California.  Information about his education is not well known but he has graduate from high school. He is a Christian and he belongs to the black ethnicity.

Larenz Tate is tall and he is of 171cm height, his body weight is of 66kg and this is not bad for him.  He has a small but at the same time muscular body and he does not look too broad. He works to ensure that he says in a good shape and he has worked on his thigh muscles, biceps and chest in the best way.  He is a man who is good looking; he has curly hair with some facial hair. He has a big and black eye with a face that keeps smiling and this reflects his positivity and confidence.  He has shirtless pictures

Larenz Tate is known to have a number of girlfriends but after sometime, he got married. His first girlfriend was Karrine Steffans and the second was Tee Ashira. His wife is Tomasina Parrot. They were married since the year 2006 and they have 3 children. They seem to be happy so there is no case of divorce that is expected to take place in the future.

He started a TV career after appearing in some TV shows such as The Wonder Year and 21 Jump Street. He had a promising start and it made him to be a prospect of the first appearance to the new directors and he started to get roles in the TV shows afterwards. He worked on The Women of Brewster Place and Family Matters. He had also his voice used for the main character of 187 Ride or Die. It was featured in the CBS’s Royal Family movie. Some of the well known movies that he played are in Death Presidents, Love Jones, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Crash, a Man Apart, Waist Deep and Ray. He was nominated for many awards like BAFTA and BET awards for his roles.

Larenz Tate has an estimate of over 5 million dollars as a net worth and he earned this fortune through the promising acting role and the abilities he had. He has the love with the support of the people around him.  He has a biography that may be found online and people who want to follow him can find him on Facebook and Twitter.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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