Elizabeth Berkley

Elizabeth Berkley was born in the year 1972 and she is an actress for theater, film and American television shows. She had a notable job in the TV series called Saved by The Bell where she played as Jessie Spano. In The Showgirls of Paul Verhoeven, she was the exotic dancer called Nomi Malone.

Elizabeth Berkley was born and also raised in Farmington Hill. It is the community found in Detroit, in Oakland County of Michigan. Her mother is Jere who was the owner of the basket gift business company and her father is Fred Berkley and he was a lawyer. She is a Jew and she was raised in Conservative tradition of the Judaism. When she was 13, she was made to be a bat mitzavahed.  She was born with the problem known as heterochronia which is an irises condition that affect eye color. She has a green and half brown right eye and her left eye is total green. She finished her studies in the year 1990 in North Farmington High School in the Farmington Hills. She attended Cranbrook Kingswood School; it is a private school of Bloomfield Hills.

When Elizabeth Berkley was still young, she was a dancer and she practiced in the room that her parents prepared for her in the basement of their home.  When she was 10 years old, she auditioned to be in the lead role of Annie movie but she did not succeed.  She became more interested in pursuing dancing as a career and travelled to go to New York and trained with choreographers and dancers. She began taking part in different ballets and this included Swan Lake and she also appeared in different musicals.

Elizabeth Berkley worked as a teenager model in Elite and she was pursuing the career in acting. She made television debut in the year 1987 and she had a role in the film called Frog and in following this, she made the appearance in different guest roles in different   movies and tv shows. When she was at the age of 19, she auditioned for the role of Kelly Kapowski called Saved by The Bell. However, the producers failed to decide if they can cast her as Tiffani Amber Thiessen but instead they had to create her own role as Jessie Spano. This is the role she played since 1989 until 1993.  She also appeared in the film installment of the show. After Saved by the Bell, she was given the role of Nomi Malone.

Elizabeth Berkley is married to Greg Lauren and the marriage to her husband took place in Esperanza Hotel of Cabo San Lucas. She changed her name officially to become Elizabeth Berkley Lauren. However, professionally, she continues to work using the maiden name. She is animal rights activist and her net worth is 6 million dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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