Reece Ritchie

Reece Ritchie was born in Lowestoft, Suffolk (England) on July 23, 1986. He describes himself as a mixed race guy since his mother is from England and his father is from Durban, South Africa. His height is approx. about 183 cms


Everything started when his father's side grandparents moved from South Africa to Britain when his father was a little one year old boy.

They left because of the "Apartheid in South Africa", they confessed it was a really hard season in their lives but with courage and faith they could get out of it.

Ritchie has two siblings; one on them (his sister) is a songwriter. And his brother works with children who have difficulties to learn.


His first job was in 'National Youth Theater", He used to spend his summers there; He says they let him in when he was only 15 years old. His audition was about “Hamlet”, he says he was too excited that he could not even eat or sleep a day before it.

After a couple of years, Reece had the opportunity to go to “East 15 Acting School”; He confessed he wanted to go to another school but he would not be accepted because of her age.

He has performed in many movies and TV shows, such as “Prehistoric Camp”, “The Bill”, “Prince of Persia”, “Hercules”, “Lovely Bones” and more. He says one of the most embarrassing moments he have had, they are all about his career, for example, going through Horrible and crazy auditions. Some of the most embarrassing auditions he had were when he was in Manchester and he needed to pretend he was a mentally handicapped chap and sang “Champagne Supernova”.

Personal Life:

Even when Reece fell in love many times with beautiful girls when he was just a teenager, he says he never dared to talk to them in a romantic way. He has always been a shy man, and he remembers girls wanting to be with him and all, but he never had the courage to talk to them like more than friends.

Ritchie says he is not a shy man anymore, at least not as shy as he was before; he also says it is because of his career as an actor. “You can not be an actor and be shy at the same time, it is just impossible, acting requires a lot of boldness and personality” stated Ritchie.

Actual Life:

Ritchie is a young man with good education and with a big heart. Because of his mixed race, he is always trying to fight against inequalities in the acting platform; He recognizes there is a lot of discrimination and racism in our modern world, and that these two are not something from the past.

He said he has had a really hard process when casting for some movies or TV shows characters since there are a lot of white people out there; However he says he is happy with who he is, and with his physical appearance, he says that there is enough white, blonde, blue eyed people out there, and that it is good to be different.

Maybe that’s the reason why he is so popular in his social networks like Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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