Christine Romans

Christine Romans is a CNN correspondent and started to work on this channel since 1999. She was born in the year 1971.  She is now an anchor for the company and she works also as an author. She is an anchor in the economy and in her short career, she became a Chief Business Correspondent at cnn and she is the host of the TV shows known as Your Money. She presents the program in the way that each viewer will get attention to the philosophy she has.  She drags the normal people to the show especially these who are affected by the turnover of the economy or when the inflations prevails.  She is in charge of providing the information about the political and economic policies based on her knowledge.  In addition of the work she does on screen, she is also the writer and she had published two books called Smart is The New Rich and How To Speak Money.

She did the graduation in 1993 from Iowa State University and she had the major in the Mass communication, French and Journalism.  She worked for Knight-Rider Financial News and Reuters before she joined CNN.  Her career had many downs and ups and she worked in different capacities in which she was in charge of the health, disaster and incident problems. It is because of her work and the determination that she was able to reach to where she is. Besides working like a CNN Anchor, she also covered different international and national financial events and she has reported from New York Stock Exchange’s Floor. Besides her education, she was given Emmy Award in the year 2004 and this showed her position in this industry.

Christine Romans is successful as a journalist she is married to Ed Tobin, they have 3 children. She had no affair and there is no record of dating any other person except for Ed Tobin. Her husband is the reporter for Reuters and they knew each other since they were working together. Regardless her age, she still looks hot and tall with 5 feet and 7 inch of height. She looks beautiful in her bikini and she has the best feet. She is over 40 years old and she had no report of ever having a divorce or planning to get one.  She is being paid a good salary and her each book she has written also contributes to her net worth. She has good attire that she keeps on every day and she always present herself well on the screen.  She is active on the social network sites and also has a twitter account.  She is available on twitter and a huge number of people are waiting to watch her.  She is contributing a great deal in the economy through educating the people.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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