China Chow is a well talked about person and she is an actress known for the amazing work she has done on the TV shows or movies. She is both talented and pretty.  She was born in the year 1974 in London in United Kingdom. She is white for her ethnicity and British for her nationality. She has two siblings, Asia and Maximillian Crow. Her parents are Tina and Michael Crow and they are always proud of her. She went to Scripps College to study and she is successful and worked as a model before. She featured in big magazines and big brands. She worked also for Maxim. She is impressive actress and she always ensures that everything is perfect.

China Chow is active in the social networking and people can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.  She likes to tweet to keep in touch with her loved ones and fans. She has more than 8 people on her twitter account and her biography can be found on imdb and Wikipedia.

She is a successful person and she has a successful career and this is why she also has a good financial sound life. Her net worth is counted in millions and some resources say that she has 10 million dollars.  She is not too tall since she has height of 5 to 2 inches but she looks completely hot with sexy feet. She looks well since she has the perfect body measurement. She has sexy pictures that are still being searched by different men and they fantasize when they think about her.

By now, she does not have a husband since she is not yet married. She was in relationship with Steve Coogan but this relationship did not last for too long. She was linked to many people in her career but now she is alone since there is no record of any person she is dating now. She had no divorce in the past and she does not have any children yet.  

China Chow   is known for some roles she played in successful movies and some of them are Burn Notice and The Big Hit. She was involved into Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and gave the voice to the game. China Chow appeared with mark wahlberg in The Big Hit and it is said that they also got some brief romance for some time when the movie ended. Ms Chow’s father was working as art-collecting and a restaurant owner while her mother Tina Chow was working as a Jewelry designer and she is always exacting when it comes to her clothes.  China Chow was the host for Bravo Show and she worked as fashion model of Vogue in the Next Best Dressed list. In 2001, she was the 54th on the list of hot women in Burn Notice in USA network.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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