Chelsea Peretti

Chelsea Vanessa Peretti was born in Oakland, California (United States) on February 20, 1978. She is an actress, Stand-up comedian and also a great writer. Her father is an Italian-American and her mother is a Jewish. She went to “The College Preparatory School” in Oakland.

A couple of years after that, she moved to New York in 1996 to go to “Bernard College” and graduated in 2000.

Career Life:

Chelsea has written for a lot of important magazines such as “American Theatre Magazine”, “Playgirl”, “The Village Voice”, “Jest” and also in the prestigious “Huffington Post”.

She has also worked in many short films with Andrea Rosen, Shonali Bhowmik, and Heather Lawless.

After a couple of years, she decided to move to Los Angeles, where she worked in many programs such as “TruTV Presents: World’s Dumbest…”, “Lopez Tonight”, “The Sarah Silverman program.

In 2011 she also was credited as a writer on six of the episodes in the famous program “Parks and Recreation”.

She has also worked in several podcasts such as: “You made it weird with Pete Holmes”, “The Lavender Hour”, “Comedy bang bang” and a lot more.

Since 2013, Chelsea has been working in the detective comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” on FOX.

Personal Life:

Chelsea Peretti has been Jordan Peele’s girlfriend since March of 2013; she is so in love that she has decided to marry his boyfriend. She also made the announce on her personal Twitter account; her fans were really surprised and happy, they love her so much and they were happy since they knew these two were dating.

Peretti has stated she wants to have at least 2 children and she also wants to own a pet since she has never owned one.

She is also sister of the founder of “BuzzFeed” and co-founder of “The Huffington Post”, Jonah Peretti (American Internet Entrepreneur)

She has a really good relationship with her family; they are always trying to be together from time to time, especially in holidays. For them money, careers and fame are not as important as family; they say if you have health, family and love you have everything you need in life.


Chelsea Peretti has been always known by her outgoing personality, she is full of kindness, love and talent. Friends and family always say she is a true blessing for everyone, that she is caring and humble.

Chelsea stated once that success is not only about your career or how much money you earn with it, but it is also about how you treat people and how you win their hearts.

For her, her family is the most important thing on earth, then her career and then her fans. It is not a secret that her way to success was not an easy road, she was always surrounded by people that were cooler, handsomer, and more talented than her, at least that is what people told her; but she never gave up on her dreams, she always believed she could be whatever she wanted to be and that people will always talk negative things.

Her actual net worth is unknown but it must be a good one since she is always working.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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