Beth Dover was born on august 29, 1978 in Florida (United States); she is an actress and writer. She graduated from "University of Florida, College of arts". Her height is about 145 cms.


She dreamed about being a singer since she was a child but after several years trying to work on her voice, and failing, she gave up the dream; but it was not the end, she started doing theater characters and there she could learn a lot about acting.

She was too good in acting that her friends and family pushed her to have it as a profession, and even when she had people who supported her, she also had people who were not happy with who she was becoming.

She says it was a really hard season for her when she was surrounded by envious people and when they started lying about terrible things about her; after a couple of months, she went better, she continued with her career and in the process she learned to not pay attention to their enemies.

After all those bad paste experiences she stated she learned a lot and even if it was painful, she would not change anything about her life because those things made of herself the woman she is today. 


Dover has worked in several programs such as "Known for the ten" in 2007, "G" in 2003,”The specs" in 2004.

She has always been distinguished for her passion when acting. She always works beyond her strengths, she always does her best and she is also quite perfectionist.

Dover has also worked as a writer. She stated she did not even like to write until the day she needed to and there she started helping a lot of friends with their essays and homeworks; there people started noticing she had a talent with writing.

She always knew writing for her was really easy always, she was never tired of writing and once people around her started telling her about her talent, she became more passionate about it; she started reading a lot and writing novels that were actually never published. 

Personal Life:

Dover has been married to her husband "Joe Lo Truglio" since April 19 of 2014. They fell in love with each other the first time they saw each other.

Dover and Lo Truglio confessed that they felt the same way about each other and that it was weird for them because they never felt like that about other people before. They recognize they had their past relationships with good people and all but that they never felt love until the day they met.

Their love was so extreme that they decided to marry each with only 5 months of relationship. They say that even when it was a crazy and fast decision according to people's comments, they did never regret about it.

They do not have children yet, but they are planning to have at least 3.

There are a lot of facts about her and her personal life that are not found on the internet nor even in wiki archives.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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