Tracey Heggins

Tracey Heggins is an actress who played in the movie Twilight Saga where she was playing as one Amazonian Vampires in the part 2 of Breaking Dawn. She does not have too much information online and her bio is not found on the leading website like imdb or wikipedia.  She played in different roles, TV shows and movies such as Medicine for Melancholy, Lincoln Heights, Journeyman, Fashion House and Where is Love Waiting.  Others are Things Fall Apart, Miami Medical, Brothers and Sister and Swington Chains.

Her publicity and personal life is not found online easily.  Her birthday is said to be 1st February but the exact year is not published which means that it is hard to know her exact age. She is tall and her height is believed to be over 5 feet and 9 inches.  She has a flawless beauty and a personality blend of fun and elegant. There is no hint about her parents or what they were doing. Now she lives in Los Angeles. Tracey Heggins is known to be fortune. She appeared in the LUV and attended its premiere with lynn whitfield, it is an Indie Film of Commons.

Tracey Heggins says it was too much fun while during the shooting of the Twilight in the Squamish. This is a half way of Vancouver and Whistler.  She was also happy during the shooting at Baton Rouge going to New Orleans. You cannot find any city like New Orleans.  They also went to the Voodoo Stores and this was interesting since she loved French Quarter. They did a good job and they made French Quarter to look like French.

When asked how she keeps fit, she says that she works too hard and while playing on Twilight, the role was too physical since there were some stunts that had to be done and it needed some discipline.  She went to live in New Zealand for some time and she was assigned to do the commercials and some acting. She had to stay in the area for over 8 month. She was living with African Girls from Senegal and Sudan. It was too interesting since they were too different and she was to explain why she is called African American.

Tracey Heggins likes to travel and to eat on the food trucks. However, now she is more discriminatory about what she takes. When she was in the Vancouver, she said that she liked the hotdogs with the Asian Theme.  They put the noodles and many other things on it. She says that the best city where she had his best meal is in Paris since their food is delicious.  She is planning to go to Mexico in Yoga retreat and also to visit Thailand, Cape Verde, Ethiopia and Egypt.  She wishes that she would go to Prague sometime. People follow her on Instagram.

Last Modified: Mar 14, 2020

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