Billy Gardell

Billy Gardell is known to be a standup comedian in America and he has made a good impression like an actor and also a voice artist. He was born in the year 1969 in Pennyslvania. Most of his comedies were influenced by Jackie Gleason. Even if he worked in different fields in the early age, he became a successful person when he got involved into the comedy. 

He is tall with 5 feet and 11 inches. He started the career while performing in a comedy club night show. He played the role of Billy in many TV series where he had appeared. He is famous because of the TV movies he was in like Mike and Molly. He also played in Bad Santa that was broadcasted in the year 2003 and in You Me and Dupree in the year 2006.  He has unique acting skills and there are people who are his fan because of his acting.

Billy Gardell is now over the age of 45 and he has experienced many hurdles in his entire life. He worked as a warehouse worker and was working hard. Afterwards, he got a change of working like a stand up comedian in a comedy club that was open during the night.

He has also considered the career in the radio and become popular on it.  People can see him in different comedy shows together with different movies. Some of his comedy is also found on Youtube.

Billy Gardell is a married man and his wife is Patty Gardell in 2001. He has a happy and sound marriage and there is a not major row between him and his wife up to now.  This is why, it is certain that there will be no divorce between them.  The family has a child, a son called William and they both love the child too much. Even if the Billy was said to have some affairs before the marriage, everything disappeared after the marriage.

When it comes to his weight, he was a burly man and he was weighting 350lbs before his weight loss. After time, he lost the weight and his weight loss became a hot topic on the gossip rags.  He does not like pets and he is allergic to dogs. He is among the richest comedian and he has the net worth of over 8 million dollars.  He is found on the social sites and he wanted to continue to be close to the fans and this is why he is a regular user of the twitter and Facebook. He has over 27 thousand followers on Twitter. People can find his biography on Wikipedia and can also find his short comedy on Youtube. People who want to see him up close, they can visit him attend his live tour which takes place around the world.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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