Deborah Feyerick

Deborah Feyerickis a National correspondent of cnn and he is an American Journalist  for the CNN international. Deborah Feyerick has spent most of her childhood in UK and France before going in US. She spent her childhood in New Jersey and he moved to the Manhatttan in order to attend the Barnard College and she graduated in the year 1987 where she got the Bachelor of Arts in the English Literature and afterwards she got a Young alumna Award. While she was still in college, she was already working for the NBC like a news assistant.

After the graduation, she went to the Conde Nast where she did the research for GQ magazine where she travelled for a year in the Middle East, Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Asia Minor, North Africa and Europe. She returned in the year 1990 and she moved to Norway and London where she works for the independent new and video production company which was funded by the Swedish Media giant known as Millicom.  She spent some weeks while living in West Bank and in Gaza. She spent some days also working for MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour for the Palestinian refugee camp or for Israel settlers.  

 Deborah Feyerick first job was to work as on-air reporting job for the crime reporter of WTXL in the Tallahassee.  She returned to the Manhattan  for sometime as Special Correspondent for Life Magazine and she covered 50th Anniversary of the D-Day, The American Family and Los Angeles Riots.

By the year 1992, Feyerick became one of the groups that were hired by the Time Warner Startup for NY1 news. She was the reporter for breaking news, health and entertainment. She was nominated for many Emmy awards because she covered the epidemic of AIDS through the eyes of the Wayne Fischer who is a high school teacher in New York.

By 2000, she joined the CNN like a correspondent of based in New York. During this time, she covered the 1998 United States Embassy bombings for the terrorist who were under Osama Bin Laden and who were convicted because of murder. She got Emmy nomination for September 11 attacks and the Christmas Day Bomber. She got a Gracie Award when he reported about children who were born because of the sperm donors with a Peabody Awards of 2008 presidential campaign and report for the Hurricane Katrina. She got an Emmy nomination because of her work about AIDS.

Deborah Feyerick had been reporting major news such as the killing of Osama Bin Laden and Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. She is a member for organization based in India called Video Volunteer and Living Beyond Belief, a nonprofit organization.  She was involved into some controversy when he said that asteroids falling can be linked to the global warming. When it comes to her age, she was born in 1964 in New York, United States.

Deborah Feyerick is married to Mark A Kirsch who is a principal chair of the company, Cohen and Wolf that works in Real Estate business.  You can follow Deborah Feyerick on twitter to know what it is up to. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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