Diane Sawyers daughter of a teacher Jean W and a judge "Tom" Sawyer was born on 22 December, 1945, in Kentucky. Sawyer is a journalist on American television; she has been anchoring ABC News programs. Prior to this, she was part of White House member who worked closely to then President of White House, Richard Nixon.

Personal Life

Sawyer completed her schooling from Seneca High School, in Louisville. She was an editor-in-chief for The Arrow, which was her school newspaper. She had actively participated in various activities, related to art. She won the position of representative for America's Junior Miss scholarship pageant in her last years of schooling in 1963 and went touring the country for promotion of Coca-Cola Pavilion from the stint 1964-1965.

The very next year, she grabbed her graduation degree in Arts from college in Wellesley with her major subject as English. She tried her luck in Law school for one semester too, which gradually took her to her main interest Journalism. Sawyer was daughter of a famous judge "Tom" Sawyer who lost his life in a car accident in 1969 on Louisville's Interstate 64. E. P. "Tom" Sawyer State Park has been built in honor of her father.

Diane Sawyer before getting married was in a relationship with Frank Gannon, President Richard Nixon’s adviser and a diplomat. She later broke up and was hitched to Mike Nichols on 29 April 1988. He was a film/theatre director, actor and producer. Both of them did not have kids but the actor/producer had 3 children from his earlier marriages; one son and two daughters.

Nichols left her loving wife alone after 26 years of togetherness, on November 2014. The year 2014 seemed to be unlucky for her; she lost two most important people of her life, her husband Nichols and her mother, Jean. This mishap occurred in span of just a month. It took almost a year for Sawyer to come out of the heartbreak of losing his husband and setting herself for new priorities.


On completion of her graduation, Sawyer got a job as a weather forecaster for program WLKY-TV, she found this work quite boring! Her promotion also couldn’t keep her glued. In search of new job, Sawyer started opting for Government Jobs in Washington, DC. She got one too, Jerry Warren’s assistant, who was a Deputy press secretary for the White House. Primarily, her job was to write press releases; she, later on, shifted to drafting public statements for Richard Nixon.

She then switched to journalism in 1978 as a co-anchor with CBS News for program Morning with Charles Kuralt. Sawyer, then, appeared as communicator in 60 Minutes which was on the top 5 list of programs watched more frequently, she served for 5 years there. In 1989, she joined ABC News as a co-anchor for Primetime Liveshow. She was the replacement for Gibson, who was in ABC World News; she gave her 6 years for anchoring for ABC World News. She called off from anchoring in 2014 and stayed with ABC News for recording interview for high profile personnel.

According of Forbes magazine, Sawyer had income of around $12 million for the period 2005-2008 from entertainment only. Sawyer is very much active on her instagram and twitter account @DianeSawyer with 903k million followers. Diane Sawyer has a total net worth of 80 million.

Last Modified: Aug 16, 2021

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