Liz Trotta or Elizabeth Trotta, was born in the year 1937 and she is a conservative commentator and American journalist. From her biography, she was born in the city of New Haven in the Connecticut and her parents were Gaetano Thomas Trotta who was a successful pharmacist with his wife Lillian Thereza Mazzacane. Her parents were catholic and immigrated in US form Italy. He has a sister called Mary L. Juba and she died in 2002.

Liz Trotta works at fox news and she worked before in New York City Bureau Chief with The Washington Times. She started the career in the year 1995 and she covered Vietnam War and was a correspondent of NBC News and then worked at CBS News. She taught journalism with Stern College of Yeshiva University. She had been given three Emmy Awards with Two Overseas Press Club Awards. She graduated from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and she got the bachelor’s degree of English Literature in Boston University.

Liz Trotta had been in many controversies, once her commentary about the reference of Hillary Clinton on Robert F. Kennedy, she talked about Osama and Obama and it was suggesting that the two should be knocked out. She apologized the following day and there was a petition asking her sacking at Care2 which got 14,000 signatures. She also mocked the participants for Occupy Wall Street saying that they are people who like only good weather and they spout the ravings which may sound like Unabomber.

In 2012, she also made a remark that women who are in military have to expect an increase in the sexual assaults from the members of the same army. It was in responding to the report of Pentagon about over 64% increase in sexual assault within the military. She said to it “Now, What did they expect”. She continued saying that women were demanding too much money for funding military programs for the sexual abuse victims.

Liz Trotta is a long friend to Walter Cronkite and they met in the city of Laos during Vietnam War. She is the first woman who covered the broadcast news about war. She has released an autobiography called Fighting for Air: In the Trenches with Television News in 1991.

When it comes to her personal life, she does not talk about her personal life even if many people may be interested in knowing it. She is over 79 years and it is not easy to believe that she never got married but she does not talk about it. She does not talk about being married or being a mother. It is believed that she is a single lady up to now. She has worked for a long period in the industry and she may have made enough net worth but the exact amount is not known. Her twitter account is @liztrottamerica and her Instagram is @lizzietrotts.

Last Modified: Mar 10, 2020

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