Charlie Shanian also spelled as Charlie Shahnaian is the first husband of Torri Spelling. Torri met with McDermott when she was still married to Charlie and McDemott was also married to Eustace. Spelling and McDermott were making a movie together and they got engaged into affair. Mcdemott said that he had a crush on the actress for many years while Spelling felt that McDermott is her soulmate. They both went back to their homes after the filming. McDermott was the one to end his marriage first.

From his biography, Charlie Shanian was born in the city of Peabody in Massachusetts and he is 5feet with 9 inches. He is an actor and he acted in The Swap, Bullet and Le Chase. He is a former son in law of Candy Spelling and Aaron Spelling. He was a brother in law for Randy Spelling. He was in Gotham City Improv in the city of New York in many years and he performed with them both on or off-off Broadway.

Charlie Shanian said that she learned about the affair online when he opened National Enquirer and saw a picture of his wife giving a lap dance to another man. He got dumped when they were in the office of a therapist when the therapist told him that she did not marry him because of good reasons. She married him because she knew he loved her and he was taking good care of her. She only showed him at least 10 percent of her true self. He became bitter about how his marriage ended especially that it was Torri who cheated.

Charlie Shanian and Torri met in Los Angeles when she was filming a movie called Maybe Baby, It’s You. The two got married in 2004 and they divorced in 2006. Their wedding was worth 1 million dollars. At True Tori reality show of Torri Spelling, she went to see her ex to get closure. First she made herself sick and she did not meet him and then she met him and she broke down. She said that he is a good man and she regrets on how she handled the divorce between them.

Charlie Shanian did not like Candy, her then mother in-law since she had always fights with his wife, Torri Spelling and they would go for many months without talking. Charlie Shanian did not like the way that she always mispronounced his name intentionally. Torri has four children with his current husband.

Charlie Shanian is talented as actor, director and writer. He is recognized in entertainment universe and had shown brilliant performance in the role he had. There is no data about his net worth and some information on her wiki and imdb pages are missing. He is more known as the first husband of Torri Spelling. It seems that Charlie Shanian is not on Instagram or twitter.

Last Modified: Mar 10, 2020

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