Judge Andrew’s real name is Andrew Peter Napolitano and he was born in the year 1950. He is a Senior Judicial Analyst of Fox News Channel. He comments on legal trials and news while he also works like a columnist for different publications like Reason, The Washington times and Fox News. Since 2016, he was contributing his own opinion to WorldNetDaily. He worked like New Jersey Superior court judge and as a visiting professor to Brooklyn Law School and he has written nine books on political and legal subjects.

From his biography, Judge Andrew was born in the city of Newark in New Jersey and he is a graduate for Notre Dame Law School at Princeton University. He got admitted to the New Jersey bar in the year 1975 and after the law school; Napolitano entered the private practice like a litigator. At the beginning, he taught the law in Delaware Law School called Widener at that time. He was on the New Jersey bench starting 1987 until 1995 and he became the youngest Superior Court Judge of that time.

When he was a judge, he was able to issue many notable decisions like declaration that DWI roadblock checkpoints were unconstitutional under New Jersey state and federal constitutions. He also declared that a woman who has been mistreated and abused by the husband, he can take action against him because of battered woman syndrome. He resigned the judgeship in the year 1995 to start private practice. He pursued television career, teaching and writing.

He also worked like adjunct professor of Seton Hal University School of Law for more than 11 years. He is a distinguished visiting professor for Brooklyn Law School and he was teaching courses about advanced and introductory jurisprudence and constitutional law. He began a renewed endeavor towards developing natural law jurisprudence.

Judge Andrew joined Fox like a news analyst after being the presiding judge for the Twentieth television’s first season of Power of Attorney court show. This is where people bring some of the small claim dispute to the television courtroom.

Judge Andrew lives in Newton of New Jersey where he has a farm to produce maple syrup and in Manhattan. Napolitano had said that he is no relation to US Secretary of Homeland Security called Janet Napolitano. He likes to call her as her Evil Cousin Janet. He is a vegetarian.

Judge Andrew is known as a libertarian and he is strong advocate for the constitutional protection against the encroachment of the government to the legal and natural right and he is also advocate for broad constitutional liberties. He is a pro-life and he maintains that abortion has to be prohibited. He is a believer in the separation of the state and church. His twitter account is @AndJudge and his Instagram is @ajewdge. His net worth is 7.5 million dollars. He has interview online and wiki websites have more information about him.

Last Modified: Mar 10, 2020

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