Robin Krauthammer

Robin Krauthammer spelled also as Robyn Krauthammer is the co-founder for Pro Musica Hebraica and she loves Jewish Music and this is why she wanted to make an organization that would take the music beyond the life-cycle events and synagogue life to be exposed to the entire world. She has worked for the organization for eight years to make sure that her dream became a reality.

Robin Krauthammer was born and raised in Australia and then got an LLB degree in the year 1968. She continued her studies at International Law firm of Paris and then came to live in America in 1970s. This is when she stopped to practice law to do sculpture and painting. She attended Corcoran School of Arts and went to Maryland College of Arts and then had many well-known private teachers. She is now a professional exhibitor of Foxhall Gallery in the city of Washington and her work is available in many corporate and private collections.

Robin Krauthammer had been passionate towards Jewish music for a long period and she developed the idea of promoting the Jewish Art music. This was because there was ignorance about the music and it was only used at the wedding, Bar Mitzvahs and liturgy. It was apparent to her that there was still unperformed and untapped music that require appreciation and exposure. Together with her husband, they formed the Pro Musica Hebraica and it was working closely with The Julliard School of Music and Kennedy Center to bring out such treasures to the concert hall.

Robin Krauthammer is married to Charles Krauthammer. Charles was born in the city of New York in the year 1950 and he moved to live in French speaking Canada when he was still a child. He got married to Robin Krauthammer and they have a son called Daniel born in the year 1986. With her husband, Robin Krauthammer promotes Jewish culture and music.

Charles grew up in an Orthodox Jewish family. His father had French ancestry while his other was born in the city of Belgium. Charles is well known also as an author of the book, Things that Matter. The book talks about his own life especially about his older brother called Marcel and how it was to grow up as siblings. His biography also includes his mother, his wife and son. His son has been trained to be economist and he did economist with Oxford. However, afterwards, he decided to go to Hollywood when he wanted to become a director and a screenwriter.

Charles is a syndicated columnist who won Pulitzer Award, he works as a political commentator and he is a physician. When he was 22 years, he was involved into an accident and it left him paralyzed. However, he went ahead and lived a fulfilling life including getting married and making a net worth of 9 million dollars. Robin Krauthammer is available on Instagram and twitter.

Last Modified: Mar 10, 2020

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