Michael Bohn is rock star and a stylist. He is clean vocalist of American metalcore band named Issues. He had been associated with many songs Issues as their unclean vocalist from 2012. According to his biography, he is American, born in 1988 and he lives in Atlanta city in Georgia. He is 5 feet and 10 inches. He has no children and he is yet to be married. He is of white ethnicity but he had not shared any information about his life.

His birthday is on 7th March. By now, his status is not well known and he does not talk about love live in the media or public. He may have dated different girls but he does not talk about it. He had been a successful person and he gets more attention because of being good looking and stylish. He has a well built and athletic body and he has hazel colors that are fascinating.

Michael Bohn started to sing when he got associated with Woe American metalcore in the year 2009. He became the unclean vocalist for Woe, Is Me. With the exceptional music vocal and talent, he got too much success with popularity. He ended the music journey with the band and he joined Issue American metalcore band in the year 2013. He was unclean singer for the band since 2012 until 2015.

Now, he is singing as a metalcore band called Issues with other members of the old band like Josh Manuel, Skyler Acord and AJ Rebollo. As a singer of Issue, he has been a part of many songs that became hit like The Realest, Mad at Myself, Never Lose Your Flames and Stingray Affliction. Since he has been successful with Issues and Woe Is Me, he had made enough net worth but how much he has been able to make is not reported yet.

Michael Bohn is nicknamed therettes since he suffers a Tourette syndrome and despite this, he had been successful in achieving the recognition and the fame from the music career. He has a large number of followers on social media. His fans are able to follow him on twitter or Instagram account. He was with Corry Ferris, Ben Ferris and Tyler Carter in Woe, Is Me and in Issues.

In 2016, his Georgia residence got destroyed because of fire. The cause of the fire had not been known up to now. The fire took place faster and he was only happy to be still alive. However, he did not say if he was around the time that the fire took place and he did not suffer any injury when the fire took place. He has been in many interviews, talking about the future tours and the songs of his band. He is available on instagram @therettes and on his twitter @therettes.

Last Modified: Mar 10, 2020

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