Jennifer Griffin

Jennifer Griffin was born in the year 1969 and she is a journalist of American nationality and she now works like a national security correspondent of Fox News. Before, she was working like a newspaper reporter of Johannesburg, in South Africa and she covered the release from prison of Nelson Mandela and other events that took place during the transition from the apartheid regime in South Africa. She was covering also the Middle Eastern Affairs for the Associated Press and for National Public Radio before she joined Fox News in the year 1999.

Jennifer Griffin is the daughter for John W Griffin who is a partner in law firm based in Washington D.C and of Carolyn J Griffin who is a producing director for Metrostage, which is the theater in Virginia, in the city of Alexandria. In the year 1992, she graduated from Harvard University and she got a bachelor degree in the comparable politics. Jennifer Griffin got married in the year 1992 and her husband is Greg Myre. Her husband works as a journalist for NPR and he is a digital editor for the international news and he reported for Associated Press and for New York Time. They have three children together. In the year 2009, Jennifer Griffin had to stop the airwaves because she was diagnosed that she suffered breast cancer but after a successful treatment, she returned to her job in the year 2010.

Jennifer Griffin is known to be among the sexiest, hot and beautiful anchors. She has the best body measurement but the exact number is not available. She has a good shape and she looks always amazing. She has beautiful legs and feet and this makes her to look even more amazing. She knows how to flaunt herself during the shows. She likes to keep her hair short.

Jennifer Griffin is known to be hardworking and she is dedicated to the work she does. She is getting a good salary from the employers but the exact net worth cannot be found but it is believed to be around million dollars. She had good skills as anchor.

Jennifer Griffin has a blog where she records what she goes through in different places during her job and other activities she is involved into. She should not be confused with Jennifer Griffin who is a photographer. People who like to know more about what she does on daily basis can follow her on her twitter account @JenGriffinFNC.

There are some books that have been authored by Jennifer Griffin and they are Bring Back Beatrice, This Burning Land: Lesson from the Front Lines of the Transformed Israeli –Palestinian Conflict where the co-author is Greg Myre and Humpty Who: A Crash Course in 80 Nursery Rhymes for Clueless Moms and Dads and the co-author was Beth Adams. She has also written the 1,107 Baby Names that Stand the Test of Time.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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