Miles Heizer was born in the year 1994 and he is American actor. His notable film is when he played in Rails and Ties where he was playing as Davey Danner since he was 12 years old. He was also playing in the recurring role for Joshua Lipnicki for the 4 episodes for NBC medical drama series called ER. Since 2010 up to 2015, he was starring in Parenthood which is a NBC drama series and he was Drew Holt a son to Sarah Braverman.

According to his biography Miles Heizer was born in the state of Kentucky in Greenville in 1994, and his mother works as a nurse and he has already older sister. The family decided to go to live in Los Angeles when he was 10 years old. He made the acting debut in the Nothing to Lose episode of CSI: Miami. He was playing a role of Joey Everton. He afterwards starred in a short film called Paramedic where he was Young James. Heizer started to guest star in other movies like Private Practice, Bones, Shark and Ghost Whisperer.

In the year 2007, he played as Davey Danner, when he was 12 years old in a film called Rails and Ties and for this, he was nominated to be given the Young Artist Award in the the Best Leading Young Actor in the Feature Film category. Within the same year, he had a recurring role where he played Joshua Lipnicki at the NBC medical drama television series called ER. In the year 2010, he was in the cast for Drew Holt, who is the son of the character of Lauren Graham in the drama series of NBC called Parenthood. Heizer starred in the same role until the end of the series.

In the year 2013, he co-starred like Josh in the film called Rudderless. In the year 2015, He supported the role of Marshall Lovelt in the drama thriller film called The Stanford Prison Experiment and it was premiered at Sundance Film Festival. In the fall 2014, Miles Heizer became notorious to be goth icon using his popular Instagram page. He cited the steampunk movement with the movie The Grudge 2 was the inspiration behind his signature aesthetic.

Miles Heizer is tall and he has the height of over 5 feet with 10 inches. He is single but he has a bond with his sister in Parenthood called Mae Whitman and it is played by Amber Holt. Even if he played as a gay teen in Private Practice, he is not a gay in real life. His net worth is 500,000 dollars.

According to an interview he is already a singer and he has a beat on Youtube. He likes to be on social media and people can follow him on tumblr and on twitter. He has a tattoo from one of children’s books that he liked.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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