Anne Marie slaughter is a president for the New America Foundation and of The Bert G Kerstetter 66 University and she is a professor for Politics and for International affairs. Before she was working as the director for the policy planning for the US State Department and of the Dean of the Princeton called Wood Wilson School for public International Affairs.

In the year 2009 to 2011, she was serving like a director for the Policy Planning for the United States Department of the state and she was the first woman to have this position. When she left the service, she got the Distinguished Service Award of Secretary which is the highest honor that can be given to a person who is working in the State department. The honor was given because of her work she was doing for the Quadrennial Diplomacy and for the Development Review. She got the meritorious Honor Award from the US Agency for the International development called USAID.

Before she started to work on the Government service, she was working for Princeton Woodrow Wilson School of Public and international affairs from the year 2002 and to 2009. She had written or has edited over six books and they are A New World Order, The Idea That it America: Keeping Faith With Our Values in a Dangerous World. She got a B.A with the Princeton and a Dr Phil in the international relationship with Oxford where she was with Daniel M Sachs Scholar and a J.D from Harvard school.

Anne Marie left her job where she was working with Clinton to go to be near his family she said that she had to leave her dream job since it was not possible for her to continue to work and to be near his sons. She is available on facebook where people can connect with her.

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Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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