Sean Hannity was born in the year 1961 and he is American television and radio host, he is author an also a conservative commentator. He is the host for The Sean Hannity Show and it is a national syndicated talk show that airs in the entire United States. He hosted the cable news show called Hannity at Fox News Channel. He is the author of the books that became the bestselling books in New York and they are Let Freedom Ring: Winning the War of Liberty over Liberalism, Conservative Victory: Defeating obama’s Radical Agenda and Deliver Us from Evil: Defeating Terrorism Despotism.

Sean Hannity was born in the city of New York and he is a son of Lillian and of Hugh Hannity. His grandparents came to United States from the Ireland city. He has two sisters and they grew up in the city of Franklin Square in New York and they went to Sacred Heart Seminary in Hempstead, New York. In his middle school years, he went to St Pius X Preparatory Seminary High School of Uniondale New York. Hannity had dropped out of the Adelphi University and of New York University.

Sean Hannity hosted the first talk radio show in the year 1989 and he was at volunteer college station of UC Santa Barbara in the station called KCSB-FM and he was working like a general contractor. The show was airing for over 40 hours of the air time. Regarding the first show, he said that he was not good at doing it and the show was canceled after just a year.

After KCSB, he placed the ad in the radio publication where he was saying that he was the most talked about college radio host in the entire America. He was hired by the radio station called WVNN for afternoon talk show. After the Huntsville, he started to work for WGST in the city of Atlanta in the year 1992 and he was filling in for slot that was vacated when Neal Boortz left and he had moved to go to the competing station called WSB. He also worked for WGST in New York City and he had been the substitute for the afternoon drive time host called Christmas Week.

For the television, he was the co-host for the Hannity and Colmes show which is an American political point-counterpoint style for the television program. Hannity was presenting conservative point of view while Colmes provides the liberal viewpoint. The critics say that the view was more about the view of Hannity and not of Colmes. Sean Hannity had been married to Jill Hannity and this was in 1993. They have already two children who are Merri Kelly and Sean Patrick. His net worth is 60 million dollars and he has annual salary of over 5 million dollars. People get more information about him on twitter and people can listen live his talk shows.

Last Modified: Jul 3, 2020

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