John Dickerson was born in the year 1968 and he is American journalist. He was the host for the Face The Nation at CBS News, a political director of CBS News and as a political correspondent for Slate magazine. Before he joined the Slate, Dickerson was covering the politics for Time magazine for over 12 years; he passed the last four years when he was the correspondent for White House.

John Dickerson is a native for Washington DC and he is a son of C Wyatt Dickerson and of Nancy Dickerson Whitehead. He has one brother and three sisters. He grew up in the city of McLean in Virginia and it was a Georgian-Style mansion which was overlooking Potomac River. He graduated from the school of Sidwell Friends School and he has a degree of English with the distinction from the University of Virginia. He has written the book called On Her Trail, and it is about the relationship with the late mother Nancy who was the pioneer of the television newswoman. It was published under Simon and Schuster.

Dickerson was the host for the Face The Nation and he was made the director of CBS News in the year 2011. He appeared every Wednesday at The Al Franken Show at the Air America Radio and the show ended in the year 2007. He was the frequent guest for the Day to Day NPR and he appeared on the Washington Week of PBS and on the slate political gabfest. It is the weekly podcast that it is available together with David Plotz and of Emily Bazelon. He is the co-host for the Whistlestop and it is a slate podcast about the presidential campaign history.

John Dickerson is the co-write for the Time article called A war on Wilson and it is attributed to the CIA identity of Valerie Plame. When he was in the trail of Scooter Libby and the ex white house spokesman said that he revealed to him that the wife of Wilson was working for CIA.

John Dickerson has unique style of asking the questions and some people also called his method of asking incisive, harmless and worded question Dickersonian. His parents divorced when he was still young and he was not happy about it and started to live with the father. He got a degree of University of Virginia and he started the educational career in Sidwell Friends School. He now works on the CBS News. It is hard to know more about his personal life an some say that he was married and his wife was Anne McKeehan. There are some sources that said that she got a divorce and that there was a case of the custody of the children. However, the true about what happens, it is not clear. He is not to be confused with John Dickerson pastor born in 1982 and who is author and journalist.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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