Amir Blumenfeld

Gained fame for the famous web series Jake and Amir, Amir Blumenfeld is born on 18th January, 1983 in Afula, Israel. He received a worldwide acclamation as a comedian, Israeli actor of American nationality and writer. Apart from his famous appearance and job roles, he has been a part in CollegeHumor, which was New York based and also works as an author.

He always has a keen interest in comedy and humor from an early age. When he was merely 2 years old, he moved to Los Angeles. In the year 2005, he was hired by CollegeHumor and started working as an author and contributed a website many of his written books and articles. Besides, he also made his appearance in original videos recorded for the website and acted in series like “Very Mary Kate” and “Hardly Working”. Then, he got casted in an MTV series and started his journey as a famous personality. After, he got enough fame that was also sufficient to give a kick to his career, he shifted his focus in launching his own web based series, “Jake and Amir”, in collaboration with Jake Hurwitz.

When Amir was in college only, working as an intern at CollegeHumor, he collaborated with his now long-time partner Jake and started recording random videos to share on Vimeo. Their first video which they names as “Quick Character” became a hit and this was the first step of the ladder of the success took and their short-time hobby became their long-term job and this was just the beginning of Amir’s upcoming success.

He got into playing the overrated version of himself in his own series, which now has been watched largely worldwide and is equally famous. The famous show, as known by lesser people, was created and made in the leisure time by the duo. Amir had no idea that his production of the series will win him countless fans and ever-increasing fame and the same series will win him Webby Award for the category of Best Individual Performance. Also he performed in Toronto.

Almost every episode of the web series has been watched over 500,000 views. Up to 500 of videos related to the web based series have been produced and every single of them has got the same popularity level and has gained a huge audience worldwide.

Amir along with Streeter Seidell breaks a series of jokes targeting each other and together has appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live1”. They also have featured in “Pranked”, an MTV show. The success of the show has been calculated in term of material value and both together have raised a net worth of 500 thousand dollars. Also he writes for ESPN The Magazine.

Amir has kept his personal life a secret affair from his fans and no one know till date if he is dating someone or has any girlfriend and the only certain news that one has about his personal life is that he has not been married yet.

Amir, apart from his videos that he shares, can be contacted through Instagram, Tumblr, and Snapchat where his fans can follow him and can be updated about the recent happening of his life.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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