Jill Hannity (nee Rhodes) was born in the late 60s. She is native of Montgomery, Alabama. She was raised along with her brother in the Christian family. There is not information about her childhood life and early education. She was interested by journalistic and literature from her teenage years. She attended College in Alabama State and graduated with a degree in journalism. She built her career as journalist for one of the New York magazines. She tied her life with world’s news as her famous Husband. She has her own column in Huntsville Times press.

Jill and Sean Hannity also are the charity workers. In the 2015 along with Greta Van Susteren they do charity work for Christmas for the Dominican Republic and Haiti people. There is quite a little information about her personal time. Jill likes to keep her private life to herself. She married to Sean Hannity on January of 1993. There is no information about her previously relationship. Her husband Sean is famous radio and television host.

Sean was working as a political columnist at the same place where Jill was. Jill once told for an interview: “At first I looked at this man and then said, ‘that is the man I’m going to live with, he will be my husband’”. Jill met her future husband during his stint at WVNN radio in Huntsville, Alabama in 1991 they were dated for less than a year before marriage. Afterwards they moved to Atlanta, Georgia. The couple has two children Patrick and Merri Kelly. There are some rumors about her divorce, but it seems like it’s not a true. Currently she resides in Lloyd Neck, New York along with her big family. She also spends a lot of summer time and Christmas holydays in her family home in Naples, Florida.

By the political reason her husband said once in the interview that he want to leave New York City. The soul mates were the owners of their Long Island waterfront house for $3.6 million. The couple moved to the Long Island in the 2008. During the interview of the popular magazine People Hannity said about his family home, that they lived in a five room house on Long Island but with his lovely wife and children he "will be happy living even in a cardboard box".

Once Sean said for some social media: “I really can’t wait to get out of this huge and noisy place. Now I am waiting the moment when I sell my house to some people who maybe want it”. Besides he also admitted that he would leave New York City after his kids Patrick and Marry graduated from a high school. Jill and Sean Hannity were also regular Catholic churchgoers they even wanted to send their kids to Catholic school in New York. There is no information about Jill’s net worth yet, her husband Sean has a net worth about of 55 million dollars.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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