Eric Villency was born in the year 1975, in the state of New York in the city of New York. He is a CEO for Villency Design Group and he is interior and also a product design firm. In the year 1932, his grandfather called Maurice Villency, started the furniture company in the entire New York and the company came to be called Villency Design Group and he became the CEO for the company in the year 1998. He was awarded the FIT All Star Salute Award since he was recognized as the leader in the fashion and design. In the year 2002, he oversaw a launch for Maurice Villency Flagship Store that it is located in the 57th Street in the midtown in Manhattan. He launched the first home accessories. In the year 2006, he launched the Villency Atelier which is the workshop that was dedicated to the custom design and to the fabrication of the design professionals. In the year 2007, he was given the IFDA Design Industry Award while the 2008 saw him opening the new business initiative called Villency Pure Design. He is environmental responsible and he sells only the collection of the furniture that are produced domestically.

Eric Villency introduced business to business service in the Villency contract and it saw him promoting some design that are produced by Rudy Giuliani in St Vincent’s Hospital, the Club Level Lounge sold at Citifield and at The Delta Air Lines Miami Crown Lounge. He also contributed to development of SoulCycle which is indoor fitness cycle.

Eric Villency is a television personality and he has been on the Today Show many times where he discusses different topics which include the design and fashion trends with the family issues. He also appeared at Good Morning America, HGTV, The Tyra Banks Show, TBS and Travel Channel. He recently started to produce and to host documentary called INSEAM which chronicles the new fashion designers.

According to his bio, he is also a writer. He has written for Huffington Post, Women’s Health, Best Life, Details and Departure.

He is a former model and he continues to maintain the connection with the world of fashion and he has pioneered the Villency Emerging Fashion fund. The fund helps in developing the fashion design and this includes Erin Featherston, Ruffian, Imitation of Christ, Derek Lam and Proenza Schouler. He created the brand called Restoration of the Monarchy in the year 2007. The line has denim line and Carine Roitfeld was the face for the Ad campaign and it runs exclusively in the Purple Magazine. A Eric Villency is a son to Rowann and he is a mixed media artist and to Robert Villlency who was the chairman for Maurice Villency. His net worth is not disclosed. His photos are easily available online. His first wife Kimberly Guifoyle was involved with Eric bolling.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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