Romy Lauer is the daughter to Matt Lauer. Matt is a television journalist who is well known for being the host of The Today Show of NBC. Matt had been married two times. The first marriage was with Nancy Alspaugh who is Emmy Award Winner Producer. Nancy got married again to the television executive called H. Read Jackson and he died in 2016 when he was 71 years old. He was the executive of Fox Sports Net. He was also the producer of 60 minutes and of ABC World News Tonight. The marriage was in 1982 and they got divorced after 7 years in their marriage and they had no children.

After their divorce Matt Lauer got married to Annette Roque. Annette is a model by her professional and she gave birth to three kids, they are Jack Matthew Lauer born in 2001, Romy Lauer born in 2003 and Thijs 2006. Because of the problem in their relationship, Annette had to file for divorce in the year 2006. From her divorce paper, Matt had been cruel and also inhuman toward his wife and he was exhibiting aggressive behavior. He continued also saying that he was giving more priority to his job than to his family.

However, in three weeks of filing the divorce, these papers were withdrawn. In 2014, the couple celebrated their anniversary of being together for 16 years. However, there are rumors around him about how he is not faithful for his wife. Sometime, it was said that he was in the affair with an Italian born American television personality, writer and chef known as Giada De Laurentiis. However, he said that he is her friend.

Besides, he was also accused of being in affair with Natalie Morales who is the co-host of the Today Show. It was said that they are also parents to one of Natalie children. Everyone says that the son looks like Matt. In September, Matt had to prove his tenacity in broadcasting when he hosted the presidential stage on Wednesday Forum in the city of Manhattan. However, the consensus ended with no results. He had a life prime-time forum together with Donald J Trump and Hillary Clinton and he was accused of sloppiness, sexism and unfairness. Matt asked Mrs Clinton on how she used the private email server and he was raised weighty topic like domestic terror attacks. He had to interject army veteran in the audience and he asked her how he can defeat Islamic State.

According to his biography, Matt Lauer was born in the year 1957 and he has worked for nbc since 1997. He graduated in Ohio University and he contributes to Dateline NBC. He was also the anchor of The Today Show in the year 1994. He is also a host of a local talk-show which broadcasts in Richmond, Providence, Philadelphia and Boston. His net worth is 60 million dollars.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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