Darrell “Delite” Allamby was born in Brooklyn, New York City to Panamanian parents. Delite was born while his father was in army. After he come back and has ended his military duty he became a local DJ which worked with all genres of music. He also has a sister Toshira. Darrell was interested in music from his early childhood, besides he is a hereditary musician, his grandfather was playing along with Latin drummer Tito Puente during the 70s and 80s. He attended George W. Wingate High School.

Darrel began his music career since he was sixteen years old. During the years in music industry he worked along with musician like Gerald Levert, Diddy, Aretha Franklin, Nas and famous Janet Jackson. He also worked with Jojo and her hit song “Crazy”. He also wrote “Please Excuse My Hands” for Algernod Lanier Washington, who also is known as Plies. Darrell working in R & B stream and also wrote “What if” for 112 R&B group and their 5 album.

He also worked on his own gospel instrumental album “Electric Praise Vol. 1”. It was an album with electronic acoustics, rhythmically vocals along with gospel inspired word. He calls his project like meditative spiritual art. The brand new project was titled by him like R & G (Rhythm and Gospel genre). It was released by Genius Music on November of 2010. Darrell is also owner of CAMP DAVID Entertainment GROUP. He wrote numerals of popular songs like “My Body” which was performed by LSG and “What’s It Gonna Be” by Busta Rhymes. His works also included “Don’t Let Go” from EnVogue, “If You” and “Meeting In My Bedroom”, both performed by Silk.

Darrell was married to Tamar Braxton in the 2001. Darrell met his future wife during his work on her two songs "Money Can't Buy Me Love" and "Once Again” from her first album. Their marriage was pretty short and after only two years the couple had to divorce on February 7, 2003. Recently Tamar Braxton said about her marriage with Darrell few words. She said that she was saved from great mistake, that Darrell was the wrong person and she was felt very badly during two years as spouses. She also said "It was the hard time in my life. I didn't know where to go, so I want to encourage all ladies - You should know him first”.

After few years behind her marriage Tamar started new relationships with Vincent Herbert who is also a record producer too. Popular songwriter also has four children, the older daughter was named Sky. He also was accused by Cherie Covington for being a deadbeat dad in two cities (Atlanta and NYC). Afterwards his sister Toshira was denied its involvement in such irresponsibility. The musical producer has kept his private life quiet low after his unhappy marriage. It seems like he is single now. His total net worth is not disclosed by any source.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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