Based on the platform you gained information about her on, Penelope Scott goes by the name Penelope Sarah Violet Scott. Penelope is married to Joe Kernen, and as many say, she’s the disguised force behind Joe’s success. Penelope’s husband, Joe, is famous for his rational assertiveness and obviously, Penelope must be straightforward as well in nature so as to offer guidance to this bold man.

Personal Life

A majority of the people are not conversant with the fact that Kerner’s wife, Penelope, is such a sensational and extraordinary individual. Penelope has exception producing expertise and passion, which saw her become CNBC’s “Squawk Box” producer. In addition to that, Scott has also worked as CNBC’s commodity trader, an endeavor she performed with due diligence and competency. Therefore, similar to her husband, Penelope can be defined as a worker that despises mediocre performance.

Joe and Penelope’s love life dates back to 1996 while she was still at CNBC. During this time, Joe was a man in search of unfailing love and Penelope did not fail to deliver on that promise. The two organized a remarkable, high-profile wedding on a beautiful golf course that took place in Kona Hualalai. Since that time, in 1998, these love birds can be commended for the ability to perfectly balance their personal and professional life without leaving a trace of any struggles.

Typically, a myriad of the celerity couples, especially those recently married, wound up with divorce after such high profile weddings. However, in Joe and Penelope’s case, divorce and separation are words that are a miss in their vocabulary. According to Penelope, their continued support of each other both personally and professionally has significantly created a profound bond between them.

Penelope’s long time boyfriend and current husband, Joe, sets aside an ample family time despite the pressure associated with his stock analysis job. They have seen most of what marriage has to offer as their marital relationship has lasted 18 years now. In addition to their happily married status, they have two children. In most cases, Joe’s wife offers him advice – a quality that forms basis for every successful relationship not to mention marriage. According to Joe’s remarks on a interview, Penelope happens to be his favorite adviser. Isn’t that amazing? Kernen’s family also helps his daughter (Blake) understand “capitalism” as well as its assaults, especially to the kids.


Penelope’s biography misses giving information about her net worth and salary. However, her husband, Joe Kernen, who is CNBC’s news anchor, has an estimated annual salary and net worth of $22 million and $14 million respectively. Moreover, Joe Kernen happens to be the co-anchor of “Squawk Box”, CNBC’s popular program. Currently, Joe Kernen is 60 years old as he was born on January 6, 1956. According to Joe’s biography, he pursued a Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Colorado before progressing on to pursue a Master’s Degree in Molecular Biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology which saw him work on cancer in the institution.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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