Seimone Augustus

Seimone Augustus was born on 30 April 1984 in Lousiana, USA. She was inclined toward sports since her childhood. She is from a black family and has been supported by her parents all throughout her career. She got into the sport at a very young age when she started to play for her school team. Actually, she was so good at the game that comparisons were drawn between her and Michael Jordon even before she enrolled into a high school. She stole the show at her high school with her impressive play and speed. She was named in the WBCA Team of the year.

After leaving her high school she joined Naismith College and started playing for the LSU Tigers. She was constantly named in the team of the year and also the player of the year on multiple occasions all through her college. She helped the LSU team to reach semifinals on occasions but they couldn't advance further as the team didn't have any decent players apart from the only good player herself. She graduated from her college in 2006 and her jersey number 33 was retired never to be used again by other students. This is the first time that something like this has happened in the college level sports anywhere in the world. This shows that she was in a different class altogether.

After the college, she was drafted by the Minnesota Lynx in a hope of winning the WNBA.  She started her first season breaking any record for a rookie player her team, however, didn't do so well as it lacked players like her to win matches. The very next year she was away from the game as she had suffered a very big career ending injury that kept her away from the court. She went through surgery that helped her get through the problem very well but it took lots of playing time.

The next year that is in 2011 she did her comeback and was better than she has ever been. She was made the captain of the team and started taking her team to the writing. She was named the MVP the very first season that she made her comeback. She has made her team win the MNBA on multiple occasions. She was named the All Start team of the WNBA and has been awarded the MVP in multiple seasons as well.

As far as her personal life is concerned she is openly a lesbian by sexual orientation. She married her longtime girlfriend LaTaya Varner in the year 2010. She has had to go through a surgery that removed her reproductive organs and it is now impossible to have children on her own she can, however, have children through surrogacy which she had assured on many occasions that she will have. She has also been in a relationship with Annette Roque but didn't take it further and ended up making LaTaya Varner her wife. She is very active on social media and updates it whenever she gets the time to. She is paid very handsomely and her net worth is estimated to be around $100 million which is not a big deal given the fact that she plays better than anybody at this point in time.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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