Jeremy Wade, also known as Jeremy John Wade was born on 23 March 1956 in Ipswich in United Kingdom. His childhood was spend near the banks of river Suffolk Stour. He finished his schooling from Dean Close School and his love for biology and nature lead to him pursue a degree in zoology. He obtained the degree in zoology from Bristol University. Later he went to University of Kent and obtained a postgraduate certificate in biological sciences. Indeed his career choice was governed by his interests. He is exploring rivers and remote locations for last 30 years.

Jeremy has one sibling, his name is Martin Wade. Jeremy never shared any details of his personal life and many sources suggests that he never married anyone. There is no information about any of his girlfriend’s either.

Jeremy Wade is multilingual and he can speak Portuguese, French and Spanish fluently along with English which is his mother tongue. Another peculiar thing about Jeremy is that he endured a plane crash in 2005 along with his crew. His first try with fishing rod was when he was almost 8 years old. He said he never looked back since then and his love for catching monstrous fishes just grew deeper and deeper.

Jeremy’s first international trip was to the one and only country know for spices and rich culture. Yes, his first international trip was to India where he wanted to explore the mountain river. In an interview he said that his trip to India was not expensive at all and he managed a three month trip in mere 200 GBP.

In 2005, he visited India again and he was awestruck by the stories of local Indians where they told Jeremy about people who went missing in the rivers. It was at that time when he conceived the idea of the TV show ‘River Monsters’. With the idea, he travelled to many countries like Congo and he visited the notorious amazon rain forests as well.

While travelling to unknown places he had been at the receiving end of the misfortune as well. There had been incidents when he was misidentified as a spy.  There had been an incident when he was told to leave the place at gun point but he had been lucky to survive all the deadly incidents along with deadly disease like malaria which made Jeremy its victim during all these trips.

Jeremy published his first book in 1992 which was titled, ‘Somewhere Down the Crazy River’. This book was a result of combined efforts of Jeremy Wade and Paul Boote. In his book, he penned down his strange experiences about fishing. In 2014, his first film was released. The name of the film was ‘Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lamprey. At present he is hosting another season of the show ‘River Monster’. This is the eighth season of the show. Jeremy’s net worth is estimated to be around 1.5 Million US Dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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