Daniela Denby-Ashe

Daniela Denby – Ashe was born in London on 9 August 1978. She is a 38 year old British Actress. Her mother had Polish decedents and her father was from Poland who came to Britain at age of 12. Denby – Ashe was not the name which the family inherited but it’s the name they changed to after the marriage of Daniela’s parents. Her mother’s name is Jola Denby – Ashe and her father’s name is Mirek Denby – Ashe. She also has one sibling, Adam Denby – Ashe.

At the tender age of 2, Daniela started taking ballet lessons along with the tap dance.  Daniela is multilingual and can speak Polish and French along with English. Polish was taught to her by her mother and French was taught to her by her grandmother. Her grandmother knew French as she was in France till the World War 2 ended. Daniela completed her education in London but she had to stop performing ballet dance because of a blood disorder which resulted in purple feet.

Daniela’s career started way back in 1992. Her first experience with TV was when she appeared in a Nursery Rhyme video. She also advertised a lot of products and she was a known face in TV Commercials. It had been a long journey for Daniela since then as she took a role in many TV shows and Dramas.

1995 was a lucky year for her as she was offered the role of Sarah Hills in EastEnders. She was known as Sarah Hills until 1999. Her success could be estimated by the number of episodes which were aired. The total amounts to 276 episodes of EastEnders. First movie was offered to her in 1999 where she was offered the role of ‘Mary’. The name of the film was Molly.  Another success came next year in 2000 by the name of ‘My Family’ where she played the role of ‘Janey Harper’ and 94 episodes were aired for this show.

Her first movie was ‘The Family Man’ in 2006 and across the years she acted in a lot of TV shows. She also acted in ‘Waterloo Road’ as ‘Lorraine Donnegan’. This was in 2012-2013 and in total 32 episodes were aired which was again very popular. Her most recent show is ‘Silent Witness’ where she is playing the role of ‘Julia Lubas’.

Daniela never shared any information about her personal life either. She never made it public if she is married or not. Neither did she reveal about any of her relationships or husband. It is evident that she doesn’t likes to share anything about her personal life. It is also believed that she is still single. Daniela’s net worth is estimated to be around 862,000 US Dollars but there is no clear information about her net worth as she is said to be very secretive about her life. It is also said that her net worth grew significantly this year, i.e. 2016 as she got a lot of work in 2016.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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