Max Nichols’ biography is famous for his marriage with Rachel Nichols. Rachel is a sports journalist of ESPN.

Personal life

Max was born to Mike and Annabel Nichols. His father was married thrice and Max was born to his first wife. Max has one sister. His mother is an Irish writer. They were married for a short period of time when Mike left them for an anchor, Diane Sawyer in 1988. Mike died in 2014. He did not talk a lot about the divorce of his parents or how it affected him and his sister. Pictures of his sisters are also not found in the media.

Max grew up in New York and he attended a summer camp in Maine. Rachel also attended the same camp and this is where they both met, for the first time. Later, they lost contact during their teenage years. Max started working in a record company, Tommy Boy Music. After more than a decade of no contact, Max identified her on screen and contacted her. they got married in 2001 in Venice. The wedding was conducted in Jewish style.

Max was 27 when he married Rachel who was also 27. His mother is the author of Dower House (1997). His relationship with his mother is not known well to media. His father was a film and stage director who is famous for his movies, Primary Colors, The Graduate and others. It is not known whether they dated for long or not. They never shared any information about their dating time on any media. Their marriage news was announced to media but, no pictures were revealed to public.

Rachel and Max have twin daughters together. They have kept their daughters’ name and pictures far away from media. There is nothing that we know about their marital life as they wanted 100% privacy. It is assumed that their relationship is strong with no chances of divorce rumors in the near future. Neither of them were married or engaged before. None of them have parented a child out of wedlock and, there are no rumors of extra marital relationship in their life. Neither of them were a part of any celebrity relationship in the past.

Since Max came into media’s limelight after his marriage with Rachel, there was not a lot of information about him on the internet till he started acting in Hollywood. Thus, his past girlfriends, if any, are not known to media.


Max’s career started with a record company. He was working with Tommy Boy Music when he married Rachel. His role was to find new recording artists for his company. He also directed a few music videos like Bullet for my Valentine, Three days Grace and many others. Later, he took up Hollywood. He directed a successful romantic comedy movie, Two Night Stand. He talked about how he discussed the script of the movie with his father before directing it. This showed that he was very close to his late father. Rachel’s net worth and salary are shared with media but, Max did not want to share intimate financial information with media.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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