You would have understood who Brandon Moretz is with his second name. He is the brother of Chloe Mortez. Brandon is not a celebrity, like his sister.

Personal life

He is one of Chloe’s four siblings. Chloe and Brandon are very close to each other. You can find a lot of pictures of them, together. His Twitter account has a video titled as Wedding Day 27 April 2013. The tweet was related to wedding of Brandon and Narina. It is assumed that Brandon is married to Narina. Chloe has not accepted or rejected this news. Thus, it is assumed that Brandon is not single. His dating life, girlfriends of past, details of his parents and education details are not known to media as he never shares the screen with his sister.

Brandon was never a part of any extra marital affair or celebrity relationship. He was not seen with any woman who can be assumed to be Narina. Narina has not come up to media to talk about her new marital life with Brandon. Brandon and Narina are not ready to share their personal information with the media. Thus, there is very little chance that we would be able to find out about their personal life in near future. Since there are no rumors of problems or divorce, it is assumed that their marital relationship is going smooth.

Two of Chloe’s brothers are gay and since Brandon is married to Narina, it is assumed that he is not gay. Chloe has also mentioned that two of her brothers are gay and two are straight and, Brandon is one of the straight brothers. His views on his brothers’ sexuality are not known to media. He has a good relationship with his mother. Brandon is the eldest brother of Chloe and he has three younger brothers, Trevor, Ethan and Colin. All five are very close to each other.

They also had another sister. She died within two days from birth and they still remember her. Their relationship with their father is not known to media. His mother was a nurse and his father was a plastic surgeon. His name is McCoy Lee Moretz. His father never came up to media to talk about his part of the story of separation. Teri, his mother has also not talked about the separation. His ancestry is mostly of English and German descent. His father walked out off their family when Brandon was young. His mother divorced him. It is not known whether he is in contact with his father. The reason for the separation is not known to media. None of the siblings have ever shared about their parents’ divorce. Lately, his mother was diagnosed with cancer.


Bandon is always famous for his sister. Thus, there is nothing that we know about his career. He has never shared any interview to talk about his career or personal life. Every bit of information that we know about him was shared by Chloe or taken from his social media accounts. He is active in social media sites but, he has not shared anything about his career. Chloe’s net worth and salary are known to media but, Brandon has not share anything about his financial status.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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